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May Favorites

Time seems to be flying by once again! May is officially coming to a close in 2020, and I have some favorites to share! I’ve been dealing with some life changes, enjoying nature more, gaining a decluttering urge, and focusing heavily on finishing some of my goals (and adding new ones!). And, as always, I hope some of my favorites can help you in your life as well!

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Below are my top May Favorites:



Outdoor Exercise-I am really determined to get back in shape. I was on a pretty normal routine but, since the gyms had to close down, I’ve been attempting to work around not having weights. I have been using a couple of apps and relying on Youtube as well for my workouts! I’ll probably share some specific apps and Youtube channels I’m watching once I find some I use consistently and feel really work.

Card Games-After several years, I finally had a chance to play some card games! I actually had to re-learn how to play a couple of them because I forgot the rules of the games. But, it was super fun! I also began learning a new game I never played previously, Spades. What kind of games do you enjoy playing?


Self-Reflection-If you read any of my May posts, especially the Childhood Reflections post, then you’ll know I’ve been discussing self-reflection. By writing posts for this theme, it has also caused me to self-reflect on myself, past experiences, and so on. This allowed me to remember some experience I had completely forgotten. So, I recommend self-reflecting and reminiscing to see what you can learn from your past self. Personally, I found it very helpful!



Chasing Thunder by Kesha is SUCH a good song! I know it seems like she mostly writes party music, but this song is not a party song. It’s a song about living life to the fullest and enjoying the good and bad moments because moments never last. Each and every moment is special. Enjoy the time you have now no matter your emotional state or circumstance. At least, this is how I interpreted the song. Give it a listen! What do you think?

“All the beauty and the bad

Makes me happy, makes me sad

Cause I know that nothing lasts forever

I’ll keep runnin, chasing thunder” ~Kesha



Drawing-I’ve been drawing some recently, which was really nice and enjoyable! And, I can’t wait for you to see some of them!



A Question-this poem written by Robert Frost is very short and concise but also strong in its message. It’s definitely unique. That is, the message and the conciseness used to deliver the message. I thoroughly enjoyed!


Favorite Posts

In this category, I’m listing my favorite posts I read this month. I also feel this is a great way to showcase your favorite blogs, and, of course, I believe it’s a friendly way to “promote” other people’s blogs and help other bloggers gain more recognition in the blogging community. I hope you enjoy them as well!



While reading this post, I felt I connected with this message. I think it was reassuring because it’s a reminder that you and your blog is not defined by how many followers or subscribers you have, it’s defined by you, your personality, your intentions, and your content. Blogging, I feel, is about expressing yourself and sharing what you feel is important with the world.

Personally, I enjoy blogs with deep, thought-provoking content that have the potential to change our way of thinking and seeing life. Overall, I think this type of content helps society whereas a makeup tutorial post or a post discussing celebrities or reactions to movie trailers and celebrities actions is not mind stimulating nor does it promote (or provoke) change (or self-improvement) of any kind, in my opinion.



I found this post enlightening because it gave me a different perspective on the internet. You can find anything on the internet. And, this may be an issue.



I thought this post shed a new light on journaling. I think journaling is helpful, but it is all in how you utilize this activity. This post really resonated with my line of thinking, so I wanted to share it with all of you in hopes that you may gain something from it as well.



Pets-While I don’t own my very own pet, I do enjoy seeing others. And, I saw two of the cutest puppies in mid-May! Well, I saw four dogs including seeing two through someone’s blog. I also enjoy cats, rabbits, and others. But, I mostly see dogs. I saw two cute adorably pups the other day, and both really made my day and put a smile on my face!


I hope you found this inspiring and entertaining! What were your favorites for the month?


Always Self Reflect and Appreciate,

Daphne Heathers


  1. I know this is an older post but I need to start playing card games again. We put together a lot of puzzles the last few months. I also keep a gratitude journal that keeps me stay positive during these tough times. 🙂
    I’m a new blogger btw

    Liked by 1 person


    1. I love keeping a journal as well! I think journals give everyone an opportunity to vent or to focus on the good in life. Journals are very versatile and can be used for many reasons. Welcome! I will definitely browse your blog. Thanks for commenting and sharing! 🙂



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