My Experience with Scholarships

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My Experience with Scholarships

Hi there philomaths!

I hope you are finding the month of June to be inspiring, motivating, and fun! Financial aid is still being set, and there are always opportunities for scholarships year-round. But, most of them are probably sought during the summer. So, I wanted to share my experiences with scholarships so you can determine whether scholarships are right for you or maybe it will help you decide if you are interested in pursuing them or not. I think there are mixed views on scholarships, generally speaking.

~Let’s get started~

I anticipated making some scholarship money this summer in hopes that I could try to fast track my college experience by a semester or two if possible. To attempt this goal, I decided to apply for various scholarships so I could get enough to pay for all courses and living expenses or only pay for tuition at the very minimum. The outcome was not what I expected.

To begin this scholarship journey, I first asked a financial aid advisor the best way to obtain third party scholarships (not offered by the University or listed on the university’s website), and I was given a few sites to visit. From here, I made a few accounts and several scholarship opportunities were generated for me based on my profile information and specific circumstance.

One website I visited was Fastweb. This site tailors different scholarships for you that can be used to pay for your tuition costs. The other website I was given, College Board, offered additional scholarships, but I did not delve into this one further for reasons I will explain later. A third option for scholarships is through your institution (if your particular institution offers them).

On Fastweb, I had about 20 or more generated scholarship possibilities in my account when I first opened my profile, and this increased as more were posted and available with varying deadlines. More than 70% were no-essay scholarships, which was super helpful based on time. A few of them required a short 200 character paragraph, which was also not bad. And, 1 or 2 were full essay scholarships. I started on one essay scholarship but did not finish this one by the deadline for various personal reasons.

I would say 90% of the scholarships I finished were no essays. However, many of these no-essay scholarships, in return, require you to offer your email address before you can submit or receive the reward (and be entered into the pool of applicants). Unfortunately, this resulted in a TON of emails flooding my inbox. I racked up a total of 350 emails by the end of last semester, and I would say approximately one-fifth (70) of these emails were essay related!

I am trying to minimize my time on devices, and this was giving me more to do. On top of this time consuming task, I was not awarded one scholarship out of the 15-20 I applied. Since my email was already bombarded with many incoming messages about scholarships that I was not winning, I decided this is not worth it for me. Honestly, I found it a little discouraging, but everything happens for a reason. So, I may not have been destined to receive scholarship money. Also, I may have to apply for 100 or 200 scholarships before winning only 1. Though, again, this seems to cost more time than I have to put toward winning scholarship money.

Another concern is I may disrupt the amount of money I receive from financial aid if winning a scholarship and was worried I might lose some of my tuition coverage. This is another aspect to consider when applying for scholarships as well, so consider this possibility also and ask your financial aid advisor about how scholarships can affect your aid.

Keep in mind, this is my experience. You may have a completely different experience and win half of the scholarships that you apply. It doesn’t hurt to try. If you decide to apply for scholarships, I would begin with 20. And, if you want to go further and reach a goal of 50 or 100 to give it more of a fair attempt, feel free to at least try. I have linked two of the scholarship websites I was given above and will be linked here: Fastweb and College Board.

I hope this gave you some leads into scholarships or helped you make a decision based on my experience. Let me know what you decide in the comments. Also, please leave your experience in the comments as well if you have attempted to receive scholarship money. Have you won a scholarship? If so, which one did you win?

Keep Persevering,

Daphne Heathers

Inspiring Individuals | Betty White

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Inspiring Individuals | Betty White

Hi there philomaths!

Welcome to June! I hope it is a month of prosperity for you! For this post, I wanted to take my time and do my best to include everything I possibly can to explain the most amazing soul known as Betty White, which means I will be discussing all things Betty! We are all human, but she had many positive attributes I want to highlight.

Let’s get started!


As if I have not mentioned this enough, she was a pure advocate of positivity. Though I did not know her personally, she always displayed positivity to the public with her genuine smiles, her comedic nature, and her good heart. In fact, she had credited her mother with the advice she was given on this topic. She had quoted her mother stating, “Always try to look at the up side, not the down side. Look at the positive side of stuff and try to make it work. If you concentrate or if you start with the negative stuff, you’re unhappy a lot of the time. But, if you’re feeling blue or if you’re feeling down, there’s got to be something that’s going right somewhere around you.”

And complaining? Not Betty! She was always (or mostly) happy, grateful or blessed about something. To keep her endless appreciation list short, she was so appreciative to have her mental faculties, good health, and having several roles as well as recurring roles in some shows among other positive opportunities and experiences.

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One thing she would say on occasion in her interviews is: “I am the luckiest broad on two feet.”

Here are some other positive moments that can only be expressed…well…by Betty:

“Everybody on the Golden Girls has a golden girl of her own (referring to winning Emmys). I think now, next year we start all over again. Isn’t that wonderful?”

She asks herself, “How do you get this blessed? Golden Girls was such a great experience.”

“It’s always fun to try something you’ve never tried before…like braces.” (Ugly Betty show)

“It dawned on me that I started in 1949… I’m the luckiest person in the world.”

“Guesting (Guest Starring) is even more fun. As long as the phone keeps ringing, I’m not going to complain about anything.”

“It’s the first time in 55 years that I’m up for a dramatic guest shot… Just to be up there with those serious folks, you know, I feel wonderful!”

“I’ve got a recurring role on Boston Legal that I think that’s another dream I didn’t expect.”

“We’re going to be friends forever…” (referring to Sandra Bullock)

“Talk about the highest point of your entire life…and at 88 that’s pretty good!” (when receiving an award at the SAG awards)

“All of a sudden, things kind of exploded, and I’m just riding the wave and having a wonderful time.” 

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but it was a lovely challenge.”

“Don’t think I don’t appreciate this. Can you imagine at my age still getting this?” (earning another award).

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As you can see, she was never short of positivity, kindness, and appreciation! I could literally go on for miles of pages and make an entire post on this topic alone, but I will stop here. However, no one could Betty ever stopped.

Always Hustling

She was always looking for the next job and rarely ever wanted any rest. If you view some of the interviews with Betty White along with the game shows she participated and interviews by others, then you will discover that she never wanted special treatment, and she was always looking for the next task. In one interview, she had mentioned taking a vacation for three days and came back the next day and said she was ready to get back to work. And, in another video, her agent had said (during the 2020 chaos) she would always ask him on the phone about her next gig.

Team Focus

Her team oriented behavior was hidden within her words and her actions. Whenever she accepted an award for the Golden Girls, she would always say the award was just as much for the other Golden Girls as well.

Betty 1987 Comedy Awards: “…two other ladies deserve it just every bit as much and we all share it…”

Betty 1986 Emmy Awards: “I am the lucky one who gets to come up and pick up this beautiful golden girl but Estelle and Rue, and B and I all thank you. We’re a match set. You can’t split us up… We want to thank the network for taking a chance on 4 old ladies…”

Whenever she won, her fellow co-workers won too. As Betty would say, “Isn’t that wonderful?”

There are probably numerous other ways she showed team effort, but these are just a few of the ones that are publicly known.

The End

Lastly, Betty White was positive even about “The End.” This is what she said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning when asked about death:

Interviewer: “Are you afraid of dying?”

Betty White: “No. Not at all, not at all. My mother had the most wonderful outlook on death. She would always say ‘Nobody knows. People think they do but you can believe whatever you want to believe…what happens at that last moment but nobody ever knows until it happens.’ But, she said it’s a secret, so, growing up, whenever we’d lose somebody she’d always say, ‘Now they know the secret.’

Her uplifting spirit is refreshing, and I hope it inspires other people to look at life with more happiness, gratitude, and appreciation. There are many more lessons from Betty, but I suppose this is a good starting point!

If you found this post inspiring, please like and leave a comment mentioning the ways in which Betty inspired and/or motivated you.

Spread the Kindness,

Daphne Heathers

How to Differentiate Your Passion from Your Interests

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How to Differentiate Your Passion from Your Interests

Hi there philomaths!

I hope May is still an exciting month for you! Technically, it is still Spring, but it certainly feels like Summer! With some free time on our hands (especially college students), I wanted to share a passion and self-discovery related post to help you determine your next steps and, hopefully, your long term goals for the future.

Time will always be an obstacle, so let’s make the most of it and get started now!

Student Diary 06: Passion VS Interests VS Hobbies

If you want a shorter explanation, view the Youtube video above. Otherwise, keep reading!

If you have read the link above, then you know that there are three concepts to define and differentiate–interests, passions, and hobbies. In this post, I conclude that interests come and go based on our needs and our circumstances. They will not stick because they are not truly our passion. Our passion is what defines our purpose (in life), in my opinion. It is something we want to do all day, and we tend to lose track of time when we do. And, a hobby is something we may want to do for our stress level, mental health, or for a side hustle. In the post linked above, I referred to your passion as a major and your hobby as a minor.

Essentially, an interest is for specific moments and something we like to share with others, passions are for improving society which can last for a phase in our life (usually lasting several years) or for a lifetime, and a hobby is something we usually like to do for ourselves.

Now that these terms are more clearly defined, how do you differentiate your passion from your interests and hobbies? This would be a great time to brain dump everything in a notebook. Write down each three categories and give yourself enough space under each one. The journal prompts are located in the Youtube video.

So, what did you conclude? Did this help you on your self-discovery journey? Leave a comment below!

With Clarity,

Daphne Heathers

Student Diary 18 | Spring Semester Review

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Student Diary 18 | Spring Semester Review

Hi there philomaths!

I hope you are starting the month of May strong and inspired! I have some hustling to do for the summer. Before I start diving into a new season (as a college student), I wanted to quickly give a review for this spring semester for my own keepsakes and memories but to also share with you because I had a crazy semester!

I started out with six courses (that’s right, six). After completing almost four weeks, I dropped one course because the workload was totally unbearable! There was no way I could attend six courses with the commute I had and do well in all six courses, especially since the reading was abominable between about 50 pages of text reading, quizzes, extra reading for papers/essays, and exams throughout the course I dropped! I hesitated because I felt like I was giving up, but I did drop this course in hopes that I would stay on track to graduate (because I was seriously stressed out).

Speaking of commuting (mentioned above briefly), I had to commute about 40 minutes to class one way and then 40 minutes back home. I did this for a solid two months. In fact, since I was signing up for 6 courses, I had a sneaky 8:00am course pop into my schedule, so I had to get up rather early twice a week, which was not fun.

I lessened my commute time in March when I had to move (long story). This was bittersweet because moving while in school is horrible, especially when it is near exam week and you have 2 exams upcoming that you must study for but have to move instead… (I know, rambling.) So, that was a tough experience. I also had to commute 40 minutes one way and 40 minutes the other way while slowly moving my items and having to attend classes for those weeks.

On top of these struggles, I realized that in trying to finish my core requirements I took 4 hard classes (but dropped 1) and 2 easy classes. This is not a good mathematical equation, especially when you have this much on you while life is “throwing curve balls.” This also made spring semester one of the most stressful semesters in my entire academic journey. And, lastly, as I mentioned previously, life “threw me some curveballs.”

In April, the last lecture day for one of my courses (that I needed to attend) was missed due to 2 flat tires. Yes. You read that right. Not 1 flat tire but 2 flat tires! It was quite an experience that cost me more hours than expected and more money that I did not plan on spending!

As you can see, I have garnered many, many experiences this semester. I’m not sure what lessons I am supposed to learn from these experiences but I hope to figure them out soon! Some bright sides this semester include studying at a local coffee shop near the campus, seeing squirrels eat, play, and run, and enjoying the beautiful nature on campus. I am also happy I had the experiences I did with the professors I did (excluding one professor). I hope to create a better, less stressful schedule for myself for fall semester! And, I hope to learn some great life lessons from my experiences.

What was your spring semester like? If you are not a college student, what was the last few months like for you?

Here’s to the future,

Daphne Heathers

What is Anthropology and How Can You Use it?

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What is Anthropology and How Can You Use it?

Hi there philomaths!

I hope your end-of-April plans are spectacular! I trying to stay afloat during these last couple of weeks. I have multiple assignments due within two days of each other, basically. The chaos is still ongoing! For this post, I wanted to keep it simple since I do have several assignments I need to submit. So, I thought I would go into the details about my major since several people misunderstand what I am ACTUALLY studying. Some people do know, but some people do not know, so here is some clarification! And, hopefully you might find your passion or maybe a career you think you’ll enjoy!

Watch the video down below!

I hope you found this post helpful in some way! What was one thing you learned about anthropology in this post that you did not know? Let me know your feedback in the comments! If you have any questions, please drop those in the comments as well!

Au Revoir pour le moment,

Daphne Heathers

Student Diary 17 | How I Study & Work Efficiently

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Student Diary 17 | How I Study and Work Efficiently

Hi there philomaths!

It’s April? Already? Wow! Time flies when you are staying productive! What are your plans for April? This is my last month of school for most of my classes with a few exam exceptions in May, so I am really excited that I made it through another semester! (Hopefully, I’m not speaking too soon, ha!) 

Since March, I have been obsessed with the Pomodoro technique! It is an incredibly amazing way to study and get things done efficiently. In fact, I have been trying to implement this strategy in most facets of my life including my work sessions, workouts, self-care time, and so forth because time really does fly. If you are not careful, you could be online goofing off for an hour and not even realize it, or you could be scrolling on Instagram for the same time or more, again, without even knowing until it’s one or two hours later! So, I like this technique because it really helps me keep my time in perspective and helps me to not get side-tracked. There are so many benefits to using this technique not just for school work but for other aspects of life too such as work.

Now, I looked up the “official steps” for this technique, and I have found a different approach to the Pomodoro Technique that works best for me. So, feel free to change it up as needed. In this link, the author shares that you must choose a task and total time to work on it, which I do (first step). 

The second step is to set a timer at 25 minutes. However, I actually set my timer to 30 minutes because I just prefer 30 minutes. So, if you want, you could set your timer to 20 minutes or even 35 minutes if you prefer. But, I think 30 minutes is a good number (for me) because I feel like it’s enough time to get something done but not so much that I might burnout quickly.

The third step is to work on the particular task you have chosen for 25 (or 30) minutes with no distractions and no multi-tasking. Honestly, I have caught myself in a distraction or two a couple of times, but I think I am getting more focused the more I use this technique.

The fourth step is to take a 5 minute break for a re-energizing session. However, I take a 10-30 minute break afterward depending on which subject I just finished and how I feel. For example, after reading for 30 minutes, I may be able to take a 5 minute break and jump right into Spanish activities. But, if I do the reverse (study Spanish then read), I may need to take a 20 or 30 minute break because Spanish takes some brain power (because you are having to learn a whole new way of constructing sentences and communicating)! So, if you are using this technique and are at this step, take however much time you need to rest so you can avoid burnout. Though, I would not recommend too long as it is unproductive.

The fifth (& final) step is to take a 20-30 minute break after 4 Pomodoro sessions. I have not actually done this because I do take longer breaks (longer than the recommended 5 minutes), so I have not actually finished 4 full sessions, but you can do it this way if you prefer to knock out 4 sessions before taking a longer break. My total number of sessions in a day has been three sessions in one day. Again, it will depend on your workload and the course(s) you are working on as well as the consecutive manner in which you work on them. For example, if you work on Spanish then reading, you may need a longer break. However, if you are working on a paper then decide to work on an assignment for an art class, a five minute break may be all you need.

–> Top 4 Places You Can Learn Via Informal Education

In addition, you may want to spend some time editing a Youtube video or posting on your blog or social media during your 5 to 10 minute break. This will help boost your productivity in both school and work areas of your life. For those who are not in school, you can set your timer to 25 or 30 minutes and grind on one work task at a time.

–> 4 Ways to Gain More Knowledge

I hope you found this useful! If you use the Pomodoro technique or try some of these tips, please leave a comment below on your experience and what works for you! And, don’t forget to click this link to learn more about how to use the Pomodoro technique for ultimate efficiency.

Keep Hustling,

Daphne Heathers

Transitioning through Different “Normals” and How to Find Yourself

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Transitioning through Different “Normals” & How to Find Yourself

Hi there philomaths! I hope March is sparking your creativity, motivation, and inspiration brain cells this month! I know I have personally been feeling all kinds of inspired this past week! Questions posed to me this week (by my own thought process) include: Who am I at this point?

What do I like?

What do I want?

What are my goals? (What do I want to accomplish?)

Why am I different? And, how can I channel this different person?

Can or should I be the same person (as I was pre-covid)? If not, what has changed?

What do I really want out of life?

What will excite me again?

How do I improve my life?

How can I succeed in a weird economy?

Where is my headspace/mindset?

Where am I going in life?

…I’m sure there are countless other questions I could ask myself (and list in this post), but this seemed like a good amount to start addressing. (Let’s not get too overwhelmed, shall we?!) So, I am going to share how we can somehow find our way back to our true selves in whatever normal we are in currently.

To truly begin, what kind of normal are we in right now? It’s like a post-covid society but not quite with a few mask wearers lingering about.

(Please note: I am aware this is a slightly political topic, and I am in no way trying to make any insinuation on one side or the other for the American culture. I am only stating my observations. To each their own. Let’s continue…peacefully…).

As I was saying, it seems like an odd time right now with this weird state plus the economy and the after-affects starting to settle in our bodies, minds, and lives. For example, I wrote a post about finding my passion a while back and listed working in the clothing industry as one of my goals right after high school.

–>Self Discovery: My Personal Passion Discovery Story

However, I realized during my first year of college that I was no longer interested in fashion and clothing because I felt it was superficial and a waste of time and money. Instead, I was more focused on recycling and living a sustainable lifestyle in various other ways. However, I have recently realized that my interest in clothing (maybe fashion) has blossomed again. Why? I don’t really know. I am having difficulty pinpointing a reason (or several reasons…whatever the case may be).

Another example is related to my school goals. Before 2020, I was interested in obtaining a few master’s degrees and stopping there, but I am now considering a doctorate degree.

So, in one example, I am reverting back to a previous interest. And, in the other example, I am striving for a new goal…this is so confusing… Is anyone else experiencing the same?

So, I decided to create a few journal-ing prompts to decipher myself once again.

I have listed the prompts in a video which is down below!

I hope you found this post helpful! Feel free to use the “super confusing questions” as prompt ideas (or as official prompts) as well!


Daphne Heathers

Getting to Know Yourself from Childhood to Now (with prompts)

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Getting to Know Yourself from childhood to now (with prompts)

Hi there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

I hope February treated you well and March is looking positive for you! I skipped a post last week due to my hectic schedule, lack of updates, and little content inspo right now. So, I made a quick update on my Instagram because it was rather short and not worth a full in-depth post. Anyway, in this post, I have been inspired to write about self-discovery. Recently, I have been into journal-ing, self-improvement, and have been gaining more interest in Human Growth and Development. So, I will be sharing some prompts to help you journal your own journey out on paper so you can get to know yourself a bit better!

I am sharing this week’s post in a video format on Youtube. If you like these types of posts, please like or comment and let me know!

Let’s get started!

Please leave other prompts if you have more suggestions down below in the comments! And, please let me know if you like these short, quick, bite-sized videos or if you prefer a written blog format!

Here’s to You,

Daphne Heathers

Student Diary 16 | 5 Courses, Course Drop, Digital Schedule Organization, and Workout Update

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Student Diary 16 | 5 Courses, Course Drop, Digital Schedule Organization, and Workout Update

Hi there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

I hope January was a fruitful month for you! Welcome to February! I am so grateful I am on track to finishing some of my goals! January was a very productive month for me and was very busy! I decided to add 6 courses to my load for this semester so I can jump start this year productively and get as many courses done as possible sooner rather than later. However, I had to drop one of my courses because the workload was unbearably insane (especially with five other courses)! I feel bittersweet about it because, on one hand, it seems like I am giving up. But, on the other hand, I just felt like this course was stressing me out and was too much for my overall load this semester. Hopefully, I can take a couple summer courses to make up for the dropped course. Luckily, I dropped it sooner rather than later which means I do not receive a W (withdrawal) on my transcript, and I do get refunded for the course.

My 2021 Reflections (with prompts)

2022 Goals: New Year Plan (with prompts)

As you may have seen in one of my previous January posts (linked above), I mentioned (in a way) that one of my goals was to take more than four courses a semester this year to fast-track my academic progress and graduate sooner. So, I knew my schedule would be hectic this semester ahead of time and decided to try a new organization system that will help me keep up with my classes to prevent falling behind. I’m still working out some kinks. For the most part, my schedule seems quite organized, but I do think there is room for an improvement or two. I’m eager to find something that works so I can become more productive and share it with you!

–>What I Learned in Yoga Class

In one of my goal’s post (linked above), I also mentioned that I wanted to workout at least three days a week and run one day a week. So far, I have been working out two days a week and running one day per week (due to an early morning class that found its way in my schedule!). I think this is pretty good though considering I had six courses, dropped one, and still have five courses to attend plus homework! I am also fitting in two yoga sessions per week, which I find very exciting! As for my meal goals, I have been trying to incorporate more vegetables in at least one meal per day. As of now, I have been successful with this (thanks to prepped meals!).

Overall, I am really happy with my progress this year! I just need to stick with it. I hope you found this helpful! Which goals have you been sticking to so far this year? Any new goals?

Does the New Year Really Begin in January?

Sending Good Vibes,

Daphne Heathers

2022 Goals: New Year Plan (with prompts)

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2022 Goals: New Year Plan (with prompts)

Hi there philomaths!

I hope you are enjoying the New Year thus far! Are you ready to plan your new goals and intentions for 2022? Let’s do it together! (Note: All of the prompts below were taken from Youtube videos I have seen previously on planning for a New Year.)

Look at the prompts and follow along with me! Feel free to post your answers in the comments!

Let’s get started!

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Theme or Intention for 2022

My theme for 2022 is self-care and a goal-oriented mindset/success.

How do I want to Grow in 2022?

I want to be an expert and feel more comfortable dealing with stress.

I want to become an expert at managing my tasks and honing my focus.

I want to keep healthy habits and rid myself of bad and unhealthy habits.

I want to focus more on self-care throughout the school year.

I want to achieve my school and career goals.

I want to learn more about myself and continue my growth journey

I want to achieve success in my work life.

What do I want to Release in 2022?

I want to release the beliefs I have surrounding stress.

I want to release any limiting beliefs.

I want to release my ideologies of failure.

I want to release my need for controlling the direction of my life.

I want to release resistant energy

Health Goals?

Reduce my sugary foods intake.

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables I eat

Cook meals rather than eating something quick and snacking

Weight Resistant Train at least three days a week

Run 1 day a week

Be more eco-conscious in my choice of foods, topical products, and oral products.

Relationship Goals?

Talk and connect with more people.

Career Goals?

I want to be successful in at least two jobs or side hustles.

I want to create at least one source of passive income.

I want to get closer to completing my Bachelor’s degree to increase my career opportunities.

School Goals?

I want to get closer in finishing my Bachelor’s degree.

I want to take 6 courses per semester to fast track my degree.

I want to make at least a 3.0 GPA for a Master’s degree opportunity.

I want to join at least one club in school this year.

Personal Growth Goals?

I want to learn more about myself through journal-ing.

I want to learn more about finances.

I want to read more self-help books.

I want to learn more about communication.

Money Goals?

I want to make x dollars per month (this is personal, so I’m not sharing specific figures).

I want to have an emergency fund of x dollars.

I want to make at least one source of passive income.

Home Goals?

I want to make my space feel cozier.

I want to buy a small home.

Creative Goals?

I want to take some art classes.

I want to take some dance classes.

Spiritual Goals?

I want to watch two videos a week on spiritual related content.

I want to increase my participation in yoga.

I want to meditate more with guided meditations.

Main Goals for 2022?

I want to complete 52 credit hours toward my Bachelor’s degree.

I want to create two steady sources of income with at least one passive income (preferably).

I want to practice more holistic self-care.

Outline Your Year at a Glance

Are any of your goals a one month goal or a five month goal? (In other words, is it a short term or long term goal?)

Plan your goals and map out your year for each month. It may not pan out the way you planned, but you will at least have a rough idea on how your year might look so you can achieve your goals.

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I hope you found this helpful! Post your answers below in a comment or post a link to your own blog post where you answered these questions! Also, check out my alternate blog, Free Spirit Fun Lifestyle, for more content on self-care, travel, culture, and eco-friendly living.

Cheers to 2022,

Daphne Heathers