Why Do I Garner Debt to Gain an Academic Degree?

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Why I Garner Debt to Gain an Academic Degree

Hi there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

When it comes to getting an education (in America), many people opt out for several reasons but mainly due to high costs and potential long term debt. So, why would someone want to obtain such a thing? I can’t speak for everyone, but I can share why I, personally, am willing to go into debt for education, specifically an academic degree.

Let’s get started!

Create More Opportunity

I’ve heard some varying opinions about school and opportunity. Personally, I think it does create more opportunity and provides more options. For example, someone who has a high school education will not be qualified nor hired to be a tutor for an online tutoring company because most (or all) require at least a Bachelor’s degree. A few might hire someone while in school trying to obtain a Bachelor’s but this is rare.

So, degrees open several more options, especially for online work. If you have a degree, this shows proof of your knowledge. Otherwise, a hiring manager would have to be willing to take a chance on your knowledge without knowing what you really know prior to hiring.

Some fields require a degree because informal knowledge is simply not enough. For instance, if you obtained an architect degree, this would expand your financial growth and allow you several options within the home building and real estate career field. I highly doubt someone with informal architect knowledge would be hired as this may not be safe. I don’t know this field extensively, but it seems likely that a formal degree is definitely needed.

Broaden Knowledge

This aspect of school is sadly overlooked most of the time. Money seems to be the main focus, but knowledge is worth more than money, in my opinion, for several reasons. A college education gives you an array of knowledge from History to Science and from Math to Painting. Obtaining such a wide scope of knowledge opens many doors to include finding your passion and finding a career that sparks that passion inside of you.

It also allows you more financial opportunity during your personal financial struggles or possibly an economic crisis. For instance, if you love painting and obtained a degree in this field with a minor in technology, your minor would give you some knowledge to be qualified for a position with Best Buy or maybe Google or Apple depending on many factors.

Even if you took one class in a particular subject or field this would give you extra knowledge you would not have otherwise.

Make More Money

I’ve also heard varying opinions on this as well. Some think you make more money and, surprisingly, some think you make less money. I suppose this view is due to accrued debt. But, there is tremendous financial abundance after obtaining at least one degree. If you get one Bachelor’s degree and stop here, then the type of degree and school might limit your financial growth depending on what careers you seek.

Pick a school that is accredited, and choose a degree that resonates with you and will be a financial gain both now and in the future. If you choose a non-accredited school, this will limit you as far as qualifications and transfer of credits. This may also prevent you from obtaining certain jobs such as an adjunct instructor position.

If you choose a degree with a very narrow niche, this will also limit you. Another thing to consider is your degree level. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, this may not give that competitive edge you need to stand out from the crowd of 50 or 100 other applicants who also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Having a unique minor might set you apart, but having a Master’s degree would definitely help you to grab the job with certainty. Of course, there are many other factors that go into hiring someone, but this would definitely help.


If you’re like me and don’t feel people take you seriously, especially in person, then you may want to achieve a degree to give yourself more recognition. This might give you more clout and, with this, it may also open more doors and opportunities.

A Treatment for Poverty

I suppose others have varying opinions about this thought as well, but I truly think academics is for those who have less because those who have money receive more tutoring and other helpful resources. However, those who fall lower on the social class ranking are not taught the same and do not have access to the same resources and knowledge.

Now, I’m not saying school is a cure for poverty, but I do believe it is a treatment for poverty and can hinder some of it, especially if the knowledge is applied to one’s life and not just learned. The knowledge has to be used as well.

Overall, I think it can help bridge the gap between rich and poor through education as academics propose new thoughts and can educate through multiple faucets such as financial literacy, study skills, and a basic foundation in multiple subjects.

I really hope you found this insightful and informative! And, I hope this inspires you to start (or go back to) school! Personally, I grew up in a lower social class and believed the same as my environment—school is a waste of time—and I thought I needed to put my time into making money and getting rich rather than educating myself. Now I know that this is not the path to take. Getting educated is one of the most important aspects of life. Even though I started school later rather than sooner, I’m glad I started. And, I hope and encourage you to do the same!

Want to know more? Follow or subscribe to my blog. Why do you attend school? Are you working on a degree or auditing courses?

Know More than You Did Before,

Daphne Heathers

DIY Education | 3 Tactics that Cell Phone Companies Use to Market to You

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DIY Education | 3 Tactics that Cell Phone Companies Use to Market to You

Hi there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

I hope you are having a productive month! For me, July has been quite an experience (full of frustration), especially with businesses. This post is going to stray a little bit from my normal content, but I guess this could be considered DIY education. Either way I hope you find this useful. I also want to point out that having a good education and honing those critical thinking skills can help you in your everyday life such as realizing manipulative tactics that cell phone companies use to market to you.

Let’s get started!

Unlimited Data

You’ve probably noticed that most cell phone companies have a plan where they offer unlimited data. However, if you’ve noticed the fine print, this little lie is not true! You are in fact capped at either 22 GB or 35 GB depending on the service provider. Google Fi, for instance, caps you at 22 GB (which includes your phone data and hotspot data). So, you are offered “Unlimited data,” yet you are capped… How is this possible? Whether post-paid or pre-paid, check the fine print.


Some phone services offer a service known as hotspot. For those who are not familiar with this term, hotspot is an internet service you can access from your phone. Ideally, this concept is great but beware of limitations that big print and marketing will not reveal. For instance, Google Fi will limit your phone data to 22 GB…and these 22 GB will also encompass your hotspot. So, make sure your phone data and your hotspot (data) are separate if hotspot is a feature that attracts you.


The meaning of “upgrade” differs between companies. With post-paid Verizon, you supposedly get a discount. I say “supposedly” because Verizon probably hikes the “original” price way to high and then says it’s discounted (probably at the price they truly wanted for the phone).

For Cricket, you are charged a $25 fee for this luxury (upgrade). However, I do believe they give descent discounts on the phones. And, of course, this “upgrade” has to be in store. Though, I’m sure you could purchase a new or used phone from a third party such as another company or an individual.

Metro by T Mobile, however, has their own “upgrade” system. Many Metro reps and store personnel will say something like, “It looks like you’re eligible for an upgrade.” But, what does an upgrade with Metro mean? Essentially, the current meaning of upgrading within this company is…well…meaningless. You get no discount and no other incentive. You just get a new phone that you pay for at regular price. How about that “upgrade?”

Want to know more? Follow or subscribe to my blog. I hope you found this helpful, especially if you are shopping for a new phone or phone service! What do you look for in a phone or phone service?

With Enlightenment,

Daphne Heathers

Life Updates & Blog Content

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Life Updates & Blog Content

Hi there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

I hope you are having a wonderful and prosperous July! Update posts are not my favorite posts because they don’t provide much educational content. But, I want to explain what’s going on in my life sometimes and with my blog, especially when the quantity of my content is lessening or my content is changing.

Even though this post is not my usual educational content, I hope you still enjoy! Obviously, if you want to skip this type of post, I have a ton of other educationally related posts so feel free to browse the blog!

I will start with the blog content. I’m still staying with the same theme of education, but I am going back to school in August and will be bringing back Student Diaries. Since I am going full time this term, I will probably be doing mostly Student Diaries because my time will be limited. So, if you see a ton of Student Diaries, you’ll know why!

I feel like I have mentioned this in a previous post, but life has been getting more hectic! I have been working on several projects and am currently working on more projects. I am trying to set up a Youtube channel, so I can post content there as well, but I am determining the set up I want for videos. I’m also trying to keep up with two blogs now. I have this one and the Free Spirit Fun Lifestyle blog I started recently. I discuss more about the separation in this post. And, I am working on another poem book as well as other projects.

I am working diligently this year because last year was a bust for me. I had about four accomplishments I wanted to achieve in 2020 and I completed zero out of four! So, I’m trying to make up for lost time I suppose. I also don’t want to live with any regrets. As a result, I’m constantly working on my goals now rather than procrastinating (along with trying to balance other life happenings and finishing new student paperwork)!

As for some accomplishments I’ve made thus far, I have published a poem book called CHECK: A Collection of Poems. And, I’m sure you already know this if you’ve been following my blog for at least a few months now. I’m also excited to see a children’s book published because I drew the illustrations. This children’s book should be officially published soon. These are the only two achievements thus far.

I also recently posted a video on Youtube. Since I’m just getting started, I am putting together some simple videos and will hopefully do more variety in the future. This has been a goal of mine for a while, but I was not sure what to post, especially since I feel self-conscious in front of a camera.

As you can see, I feel my accomplishments are lacking but hopefully they will grow in time. I hope to complete more goals in the future, and I hope this inspired you to start and complete your own goals.

Want to know more? Follow or subscribe to my blog. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it at least somewhat helpful! Do you have any goals you’re trying to achieve this month of this year?

Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold,

Daphne Heathers

Finding Your Purpose During a Quarter Life Crisis

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Finding Your Purpose During a Quarter Life Crisis

Hi there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

I hope you have planned a memorable month for July! I have encountered a couple of videos regarding a “quarter life crisis” and thought it would be helpful to share some tips and guidance on how to get out of this rut.

Imagine this: You live in Austin, Texas (or your home city, state), and you are packing for a trip. You decided early on that you wanted to trek from Austin, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee (or your personal destination/preference). Before or when you arrive, you decide that this path did not provide the results you were seeking. And now, you feel you must change direction, but where do you go? And, what do you do with your life currently to stay afloat (i.e. bills, housing, and so on)? Life is kind of like this when deciding your “niche.” Your cruising through life and find yourself lost.

Some of you might be thinking: “What the heck is a quarter life crisis?” A “quarter life crisis” can occur when times are tough, when you realize you are in a different phase or level within society, and when age markers no longer exist. For instance, when you transition into sixth grade, you are in “middle school.” When you are entering ninth grade, you are now considered to be in “high school.” After high school graduation, college is most likely next. And, of course college graduation. For some, Master’s degree is the next step. And, for others, the “job world” is next. During this point, you create your own “markers.” And, it is at this point where some have changed directions and end up lost or confused as to which path to take next.

Some questions to consider and my thoughts for each question are down below:

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The most important aspect of life is goals. Goals help you mentally stay on track because thoughts can spiral downward and lead to non-productivity, which is very unhealthy in many ways. Goals also help give you a sense of purpose (which I may have mentioned in a previous post). If you have no goals in life, you can easily stray off your path and end up lost with no destination. Some goals to obtain and aspects to consider are down below.


Do not base your career on other people’s perceptions. Choose something you truly enjoy spending all your time doing. This has been said many times, but I think it has to be mentioned quite often because it easy to get sidetracked and chase after money rather than your passion, or purpose. If you choose a career based on someone else’s choice, or decision, you may not enjoy your career long term because you did not choose your path. You let someone else choose it for you.

Do not choose a career based on money only. You will most likely end up very unhappy and possibly quit your job and, ultimately, feel discouraged because you will feel the rushed need to pick your next career…the one you are going to want to stay with for the rest of your life. (However, I covered how this is unrealistic in another post. Click here.)

Which type of career do you prefer? Traditional corporate, 9 to 5 job? A 12 hour job such as a car salesman or nurse? Or, would you prefer making money on your own terms as an entrepreneur? Do you enjoy working for someone within the realm of your passion? Do you prefer working solo or do you enjoy working with people and experiencing that social interaction? What kind of life do you want to create for yourself?

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To attend school or to not attend school. That is the question. I guess for some it is a definite yes and for others it’s an absolute no. Personally, I love school. You learn so much, and it sets up goals for you. Can you finish this course with a good grade? (…next semester). Can you finish your degree early? Are you awaiting that diploma or dissertation acceptance? In my opinion, school is similar to goals. It does SO much, but generally it helps keep our minds off of anything too serious and gives us a break from the monotonous aspects or routines of life, and it provides several goals within two or four years (or longer depending on the type of degree you are seeking).

Photo by u0410u043du043du0430 u0420u044bu0436u043au043eu0432u0430 on Pexels.com

Personal Goals?

What is something that you want to do or complete for a sense of achievement? Do you want to hike in California? Do you want to zip line for the first time? Do you want to take dance lessons? Do you want to enter a marathon run? Do you want to read 100 books in a year? What do you want to do for you? What do you want to accomplish for you? Create a list of personal goals. This will help break up the monotony of mandatory tasks in life. (I recommend making a list of safe activities. Stay away from anything risky or dangerous).

Want to know more? Follow or subscribe to my blog. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it at least somewhat helpful! What are your career, school, and personal goals?

Here’s to a New You,

Daphne Heathers

CHECK | A Compassion Poem

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CHECK | A Compassion Poem

Hi there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

I hope you had a productive June! I felt compelled to share a post regarding compassion, a compassion poem more specifically. Recently, I have felt drained energy from dealing with negative vibes, conversations (with businesses), and so on. Some conversations and/or experiences provoked questions including:

What inspires a business owner to ask, “Do you think a business wants to sell to you?” What makes someone decide to disconnect from a chat when you still have more questions regarding courses? What makes someone completely ignore you while you are saying something and in mid-sentence walks into another room and comes back with no explanation?

How have some people treated you recently? Have you felt bitterness from others rather than compassion? Personally, I have felt this many times over, especially when working for certain companies or dealing with a business such as a real estate company or a medical business. I touch on this more in my Intro and Preface of my poem book, so I won’t belabor this issue further here.

You don’t have to be a billionaire

You don’t have to have much to show how much you care, like

Give a wink, give a kiss like, give a little happiness… ~Arianna Grande (& Linda Perry)

To spread a little compassion in your thoughts and in your life, I want to share this poem with you. I hope it creates a smile on your face! Enjoy!


A tiny soul and fragile body

Whose every fiber compassion embodies

A playful temper and curious eyes

Is blinded by a pool of lies

A growing soul and strengthening body

Whose internal growth has found a hobby

Still learning the ways and laws of nature

Is slowly becoming a concerning stranger

A fully grown soul and strengthened exterior

Whose motives have become ulterior

Chapter by chapter it slowly becomes outgrown

That sweet compassion that once was shown

Oh sweet compassion where did you go?

Did you fly with the wind or wander in the snow?

Did you find a dark place and settle to stay?

Have you roamed around or too far away?

You are beloved and missed so please come back today…

I hope you enjoyed the poem! Also, if you are looking for some feel good music, I created a playlist on Spotify called CHECK Vibes. I’m new to Spotify, so I’m not sure how it works entirely at this point. I’m assuming you just follow people’s accounts, playlists, or both. What did you think about the poem? Does it resonate with you? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

…let me see you put your hearts up, yeah

If we give a little love, maybe we can change the world…

~Ariana Grande (& Linda Perry)

Sending Good Vibes,

Daphne Heathers

Spring Favorites

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Spring Favorites

Hey there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

This post is not exactly education related, but I hope you find a new discovery to help you on your personal journey! My spring favorites cover the months of March, April, May, and June. Is it just me or does June seem like a summer month?

I’ve had a mix of experiences this spring to include favorite posts, lifestyle, and health. Lifestyle and health were combined because most of them seemed to intertwine and fit into both categories.

Lifestyle and Health

Self-care-I have been more interested in self-care regimens such as skincare, nail care, hair care, and so forth. Normally, I would put minimal effort toward this because I felt so busy while I was working and going to school. But, I now see how important it is to take care of your body both inside (food and drinks) and outside. I hope to make and try out some natural, clean lotion soon rather than using store bought. If I love what I try, I’ll post it in one of my seasonal favorites posts!

YogaI have picked up yoga again, and I love it! I’ve actually missed it so much! Since everything isn’t quite 100 percent normal, I have been doing regular yoga via Youtube videos. I might have linked the two yoga instructors I watch, but I will link them again. I used to solely watch SaraBethYoga, but I have been watching more of Yoga with Adrienne lately. Unfortunately, these are the only two yoga instructors I know on Youtube! I’m not sure why a few other people haven’t taken the dive and instructed Yoga on Youtube. So, if you are looking for a fun activity or activity turned side hustle, make some yoga videos! This niche is small on Youtube!

Healthy FoodI am so happy to be craving healthier food right now such as salad and fruits! Recently, I craved a salad over heavy carbs, so I’m excited about that! I do love carbs, and I think carbs are needed throughout the day especially if you workout. However, carbs should not be the main part of every meal or the only food group in each meal.

JournalingI have also been trying to stay consistent with my journal entries. I don’t write an entry every single day due to time constraints and lack of thoughts to write one every single day. But, I have been trying to document some thoughts and garner ideas from those thoughts I write down in my journal.

Minimalism-I have received bursts of minimalistic motivation. This allows me to move more easily if needed, and it keeps my external space minimal and, in turn, clears my internal (head) space.

New BlogI started a second blog and am excited to start posting content! For now, I’m posting older content to transition the topics that is more in line with my second blog. If you missed the update post, click here. Basically, I felt this blog was a little more chaotic than I wanted. It seemed like I was blogging about so many things. So, I decided to separate my content for more clarity. This also gives me a chance to talk about more interests! On this blog, I will post content related to education, careers, self-discovery, and CHECK (compassion, honor, empathy, character, and kindness). If you are into travel, culture, self-care, and eco-lifestyle content, visit my new blog!

Favorite Posts


I loved this blog post! It was very informative, in my opinion. It also prompted new thoughts. I think this is a great self-improvement related post. So, if this interests you, check it out!


I loved this post because it shows that assumptions are made, and this leads to misconceptions. We never truly know what a person has experienced, what a person is presently experiencing, what a person feels, what a person thinks, what a person sees, and so forth. In the hustle of life (especially financial life), we must remember that while we are on our path racing toward our goals someone else is trying to achieve happiness while achieving their own goals too. And, what makes us happy varies from person to person. Live and let live with no judgment.


…because I love a good book blog post! If you love books and are looking to add a few more to your list, check out this post!


This post was absolutely amazing! It shared new thoughts and perspectives on life I hadn’t quite concluded previously. Needless to say, this post was quite inspiring! I don’t want to share much about this one because it’s just better if you read it and formulate your own conclusions. I highly recommend. (Also, pictures of dogs are included!) It’s definitely a must read for dog lovers (or animal lovers)!


Like I mentioned in my lifestyle and health favorites, I’ve slowly gravitated to journal-ing more. I think it’s quite helpful and something I need to implement on a more consistent basis. If you need some motivation, inspiration, or both, to start journal-ing or to get you out of a journal-ing funk, then read this post! It’s also a great post for beginners.


…because I love books, book tags, and culture mixed together! What more can I say?


Uptown Girls-I re-watched this movie recently and loved it…again! There are some “girly” elements, but this movie illustrates overcoming struggles, a brief overview of the difference between a poor and rich life, how friends or “friends” can behave during (your) hard times, minimalizing sentimental items, and so on. On the surface, this movie may not seem to offer much and may seem a little superficial, but striking messages are there if you look deeper into the hidden metaphors.

Mad Max: Fury Road-I haven’t seen the original Mad Max movies, but I loved this movie! This is definitely not a movie for everyone because it is intense, fast paced, action packed, and it’s definitely not a lighthearted movie. In my opinion, it was full of psychological components, poor leadership examples, and other messages hidden within the story line. It was very unique, had great messages; and, like I said, psychological which is why I enjoyed this movie. Hopefully, I will be able to watch the original movies to gain more insight into the back story.

Babe-Babe was another re-watch for me this season. I really enjoyed this movie, the dialogue, and the characters. It had some great messages and the cutest animals! It’s definitely an old movie but good movie.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What were your spring favorites? Leave a comment below. I would love to know!

Grow and Blossom,

Daphne Heathers

Advice for High School and College Students

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Advice to High School and College Students

Hey there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

I was inspired once again to write down and share what I would like to have known as a high school student. It is very true that decisions determine our destiny. Even though most of us have felt our voice is not heard until the age of 18, goals could still have been achieved. Remember the Eragon series? The author 17 years old when the first book came out. High school is actually an opportunity to get a head start. I’ll explain more down below. Also, I just want to say this can apply to college students as well. It’s never too late! If you want to read the first one, click here.

The first piece of advice I would give is to sign up for courses that interest you. This is your chance to see what sparks that passion and desire within you. It also diversifies your high school (and college) transcripts. If you start this in high school and you decide to change your original choice of major, that’s normal. Don’t think the courses you took in high school were a waste of time. In My Personal Passion Story, I discussed how my interests changed. In high school, my interest was mostly fashion related, but this changed after high school. So, it happens. Regardless of the subject you pick, do your best in each course to learn the material and good grades will follow.

While diversifying your courses and experience, focus on trying to get decent grades or join a sport or club such as baseball, dance, or band. If you study and put effort into your studies, this will open up scholarship options and university options. And, if you can join a group as mentioned previously, you can gain a financially secure future for your college education. If you are in a lower financial class, focus on scholarships for college while in high school. Essentially, this will lower your overall cost and keep your debt minimal or non-existent. Again, a variety within your courses and clubs can help you create a unique application and resume for colleges and career opportunities.

Another way to expand your experience is through volunteer work. This will definitely help you garner experience and really help you on a college application as many schools may request to see accomplishments you’ve made or prior work experience. If you can’t work throughout school, you can always pick up a summer job or volunteer during the summer.

Summer jobs would be a great opportunity for both purposes. Employers will more than likely prefer someone with an experienced resume. This will also set you apart from other applicants whether applying for college or a job.

One last piece of advice I would share is if you’re in high school, you don’t have to worry about finances, so use your time to prosper rather than play. I know it’s tempting to hang out with friends, watch television, play on the computer, and so forth, but you can sit back and relax when it comes to finances. If you are trying to figure out how to pay for rent, food, utilities, and so on, then you will not have as much productive time to spend. Essentially, it will be wasted on how to obtain money week to week just to have a place where you can plan for the future. So, while your parents are taking care of the financial aspect of life, you have an abundant amount of time to work on your future.

I hope you found this helpful and informative! What lessons or advice would you give? Did you find any of this advice helpful?

For the Future,

Daphne Heathers

Why it’s Beneficial to Have Multiple Passions

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Why it’s Beneficial to Have Multiple Passions

Hey there philomaths!

Philomath is a person who loves learning and studying.

I hope abundance is blooming in your life! I was inspired once again to write about passion and desire in the work place whether a chosen career or entrepreneur in a specific industry. If you haven’t read my post on the Ikigai Concept, click here. This will provide a basic guide in the form of a concept map that shows you the most important aspects of life in regards to making the world a better place while making a living and living a happy and fulfilling lifestyle!

The ideal life of fishing all day or traveling to Paris, France if you had all the money in the world may definitely be ideal, but it is certainly not productive. We should definitely seek out such adventures as a reward, but we must provide value to earn these rewards. Working may not be the most exciting activity, but it is necessary in some capacity to help our families, our communities, and the world at large.

“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” ~Prince

Since work is necessary whether cooking, cleaning, or trading your time for an hourly wage or yearly salary, then choosing something you feel excited doing is key, which is not new news, but it is a nice reminder. The question by most people is: What do you want to do for the rest of your life?

Well, you can do anything for the rest of your life. You can provide value through multiple passions. It doesn’t have to be just one. There is nothing wrong with having multiple passions as I discussed in this post. In fact, it may benefit you to have more than one passion. Why?

The answer is several reasons. It can provide you with the following:

-A hobby

-A side hustle

-More main (full-time) or side (part-time) income streams

-More outlets of expression

-More value due to added skills

-More value due to created (positive) results

-And more

If you want to learn more about how to distinguish the differences between a hobby, an interest, and a passion, view this post: Passion vs Interest vs Hobby

So, the question: “what do you want to do for the rest of your life” is outdated and no longer valid. Instead, ask yourself (and others) “How do you want to contribute to your community (and/or society), how would you most enjoy making a living, and what is your purpose, or mission, in life? You could also ask yourself: What do I want to achieve? And, what skills have I mastered and which skills do I want to master? There is more information on your strengths in the Ikigai Concept post.

To elaborate a bit more on how multiple passions can benefit you, I am going to share some scenarios. Suppose you enjoyed painting and this is a skill you’ve mastered. Many people think, painting is not a career that makes a ton of money. This can be true, but it can also be false. In one respect, there are several painters who make a living. I cannot vouch that they make a decent living on this one income stream, but painting is their main job, so they must be making some decent reward from their efforts!

If you like these posts, check out How to Determine Your Life’s Pursuit

If you don’t feel your painting is good enough to be the top priority or is not selling in lieu of your valiant efforts, then your passion for agriculture or graphic design might win over more clients and help you prosper!

In another scenario, your passion may be in a highly saturated niche which can pose a challenge. For example, your passion might be food. To share this passion, you may decide to write a food blog and post Youtube videos. Though you are seeing some positive results, your niche has a tendency to spread your target audience too thin.

However, if you stay within a certain (sub) niche such as dessert food blogs and videos, then this would more than likely narrow searches and increase your traffic due to a potentially larger audience. Another idea is to use a second (or maybe third) passion to differentiate your blog and videos. For instance, you could talk about food and include recipes as well as creating cost feasible recipes, or you could discuss food recipes and the science behind food such as nutrition, fitness, or both. Or, your narrowed niche could be teaching others how to market their food blogs and videos.

As you can see, having multiple passions is a good thing. The best way to utilize multiple passions is determine which ones you truly adore, which ones you think you can make a decent income, and how you can combine the two. After determining which passion you want to put your time, energy, and effort into, create a plan of action!

I hope you found this post insightful and helpful! Do you have multiple passions? If so, how did you determine which one you wanted to spend your time? Do you see any other benefits of having multiple passions?

Make it Happen,

Daphne Heathers

Mid Year Reset | Blog Updates

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Mid Year Reset | Blog Updates

Greetings Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the last weekend of May! I have been mission oriented this year and have been trying to determine the best way to organize my content and blog. After many days and weeks of trying to develop a system, I recently decided to separate my content into two blogs. To be honest, I felt my content was disorganized, and I also felt it was a little chaotic. I am still keeping this blog, but this blog will contain content related to school/academics, career, self-discovery, and CHECK (compassion, honor, empathy, character, and kindness).

In addition, I have created another blog (Free Spirit Fun Lifestyle) which will showcase content relating to travel, culture, self-care, and eco-lifestyle topics. So, if you are interested in this type of content and have already subscribed to my main blog because these topics resonate with you, please visit my new blog site and subscribe there as I will no longer be posting that type of content here.

I am slowly transitioning into keeping up with two blogs, so I will be slowly deleting the travel, culture, self-care, and eco-lifestyle content on this blog, and posting it onto the other blog for consistency and organizational purposes. I will try to have all posts transitioned over to the new blog, but I may not have all of them transferred over by the time this post goes up. If this is the case, then I may not officially post new content on the second blog until all content is transferred to the new site.

The schedule for this blog will stay mostly the same. I will post new content on the first and third Saturday of every month, so the only difference will be posts coming twice a month versus four times a month. The other two posts can be found on my new blog, and these will be posted on the second and fourth, or last, Friday of every month.

Since it is June, I guess this could be considered a “mid-year” reset! I’m excited for this new chapter and the coming months! I have some great, positive energy moving me forward, and I can’t wait to share it all with you when the time is right! I hope to continue seeing you on the blog you most prefer! If you enjoy all content, subscribe to both blogs, and I will see you on Friday’s and Saturday’s of every month! Thank you for your support, and I’m so happy you enjoy my content enough to stick around! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see or any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below! What’s going on in your life?

Sending You Positive Vibes,

Daphne Heathers

OMG This Song! Book Tag

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OMG This Song! Book Tag

Greetings Everyone,

I hope you are having a fantastic month! I haven’t done a book tag in a little while, so I thought it would be a fun post! I decided to do the OMG This Song! Book Tag because it mixed music with books, so it sounded like a fun tag to do. I’m really excited to do this one, because it seems a bit different to your standard book tag. As always, I was not tagged. If you are interested in music and books and love book tags, I tag you! You can leave your answers or a link to your post in the comments if you’d like! My answers are down below:


A song you must listen to every time it comes on, no matter how old or how many times you’ve listened to it

A book you’ll never get sick of.

It’s a little difficult to answer this because I feel like it changes from time to time. As of now, I would say any song by Kesha. I can’t pick just one because I could listen to any song by her no matter how many times I’ve heard it..even Tik Tok, C’mon, and other songs by her that were played countless times on the radio.

I’m sure this is a long list, but one book I don’t think I will ever get sick of reading is the Vampire Academy series. I love this series. After reading these books, my love for reading ignited!

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A song that reminds you of the cringiest time of your life

A book that also reminds you of this time (or just something you wouldn’t like as much if you picked it up for the first time now).

I’m trying to recall a list of several songs that fit this description but only one stands out in my mind and that is Mother’s Daughter by Miley Cyrus. I do like the song, but I heard it during a time when I was going through some struggles at work. So, now I have a slight association between this song and a bad experience.

It seems like several people have had great experiences and good memories associated with this series (and each book), but I did not read these books until last year. When I was reading New Moon (of the Twilight series) by Stephanie Meyer in the fall season, I was going through a rough time due to Covid (among other reasons) and this book was over 550 pages of complaints from Bella, in my opinion. Also, her self-perceived “ailments” in this book were not overlapping well considering the circumstances at the time. Overall, I didn’t really care for this book, and I didn’t read it during a good time either, which did not help the association or make the content more enjoyable (or bearable).

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A recent song you have on repeat right now

A recent favourite book.

There’s actually a few songs I’ve had on repeat, but the most recent one was Top of the World by Pussycat Dolls. I’m feeling very, very motivated this year to reach my goals, so I’ve searched or recalled some songs that enhance this drive within me and have been listening to them on repeat.

If I am not counting children’s books, then the most recent book I enjoyed was the Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand. I was pleasantly surprised by this series. I haven’t read other angel novels as of now, so I’m unable to make any comparisons. But, I did love this series and do recommend it to others.

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This Song is Me:

This Book is Me in book form.

Chasing Thunder by Kesha fits me so well! And, the theme is wonderful! (Live life to the fullest!)

Out of all the books I’ve read so far, I would say any Nancy Drew book is the closest to representing me in book form because I’m always curious. I highly recommend these books to any age!

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Weird but I liked it?

A unique book that stuck out to you for whatever reason

I am in love with Just Dropped In by Kenny Rogers! This song is SO artistic and creative! It’s definitely weird and quirky, but I love it!

For this question, I can think of two books that stand out, but I will only mention the most recent one I read and that is The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’m not sure how unique it’s considered, but I love the concept. And, there are so many lessons in this book! It’s another book I highly recommend reading if you haven’t already!

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Favourite chill, relaxing song

A book you’d curl up with and read on a rainy day.

A chill song that comes to mind right now is Running by No Doubt. I love the calm melody and rhythm in this song.

The book I choose for a rainy day may vary depending on my mood, but I would say The Giver by Lois Lowry or any other dystopian novel. I would also enjoy a paranormal book, but I’m not sure which one specifically..maybe ghosts?

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Guilty pleasure song – one that’s catchy and addicting but not a whole lot of substance

Guilty pleasure, trashy, fast, light read.

There are several songs that fit this description, but the one that comes to mind is Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. The song has a great beat but no substance.

A light, fast read that was interesting but with little substance was the L.A. Candy series by Lauren Conrad. Personally, I think (most) any celebrity related book would fit this description. It wasn’t a bad series, but it wasn’t superb (mainly due to lack of substance).

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I hope you found this post fun and entertaining! As mentioned above, if you want to answer these questions, then consider yourself tagged! You can write your own post or leave your answers in the comments below! I would love to read them!

Happy Reading,

Daphne Heathers