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Hi all,

I wanted to write a blog post on where I’ve been since I skipped a post last week. My goal was to write at least one post a week which I have been consistently doing since January I believe. However, I have several reasons why I did not post any content last week and wanted to mention future plans.


Life & Projects

I have had many life events to pop up this summer, so I need to spend more time on my personal life as well as projects I am working on. I hope to share some projects in the near future. I would share some information about them now, but I am not sure how this will all pan out. I feel these projects and these life events are hurting the quality. I am also not able to edit as thoroughly as I would like so posting fewer posts per month would increase the quality of my content.


Future Posting Habits

Since I do have many projects filling in my extra time, I plan on posting 2 to 3 posts a month. However, if I have a few quick and easy post ideas such as monthly wrap-ups, top ten favorite books, or something simple such as these, then I might post more throughout the month. Although, if this is not the case, then I will continue posting content but less times per month.


Forthcoming Posts

As for forthcoming posts, I plan on doing another Changing Seasons post for the summer. If you want to check out the first post in this series, please click here.

I also want to do a post in relation to books because I love reading. However, I would like to read a few more books before posting this one.

I also thought about posting a top favorites in regards to my favorites movies.

If you have any questions or a topic you would like to see, you can leave it in the comments below or send them via personal message, and I will do my best to write a post to address your questions or suggestions.


Social Media

If you want to follow me other places in lieu of my blog, you can check me out on various social media. I have some icons listed on the left side bar.

Instagram is the first icon, and I post various pictures of nature and art so far. Once I minimize my “To Do List,” I may expand the types of pictures I post and possibly increase the amount I post as well.

Pinterest is the second icon, and I post various academic hacks, life hacks, art, and other informative and inspirational type posts. This is not all I post on Pinterest, so check out my boards to see if you are interested in any of them. You can follow my entire page or you can follow a specific board if you only favor certain ones.

Twitter is the third icon, and I mainly post links to my blog and other random things that come across my feed I feel I should share. If you have any suggestions on what you want to see me post on Twitter, feel free to leave it in the comments below if you want to follow me on this particular social media site. (My Twitter link is fixed now! So, a big thank you to one of my subscribers for pointing this out to me! I appreciate it.)

Goodreads is the fourth and last icon, and I recently added this one so you can check out what I’m reading. I’m obsessed with books and reading and devour as much knowledge as I can (with some entertaining reads entwined!).



I wanted to dedicate this section to my readers. I really appreciate those who are following me, who have liked my content, and have posted comments as well as those who will be future subscribers, will click future likes, and post future comments.

I am thankful my ideas and content have such an impact on you that you are taking the time to click the follow button, to click the like button, or to leave even a two word comment. I know time in everyone’s life is limited, and the fact that you are taking the time to read my content means so much to me, so I sincerely thank you.

I feel like there is more I could say, but I really don’t know how else to express my gratitude! Again, thank you!


As I mentioned previously, if you want to leave a question or a comment in the posts, through private message, or social media, please do so!


With Much Appreciation & Gratitude,

Daphne Heathers



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In my last post, I had someone comment a couple of valid questions and thought this post would be a perfect way for me to elaborate more on my last post and give more detail and clarity in my last post’s message that I want to convey.

If you want to read the entire post as well as the entire comment, please click here. To keep this short, however, for this post, the questions are below:


  • Why are you rushing through life?
  • Isn’t there much to be learned from doing other things over summers?


So, to begin, I want to illustrate some of my experience. When I was in my past, poor and lacking environment, I would do the following every summer with variations depending on what grade I had graduated:

  • Stay up late
  • Watch TV
  • Watch music videos/Listen to music
  • Watch Youtube
  • Watch movies
  • More (depending on the grade I graduated). For instance, I did not begin reading books religiously until I was seventeen. However, I only read fiction.


So, what would one accomplish by doing all of these things? This would keep those who choose to watch videos, movies, and music updated on the newest music and movies, but it doesn’t help anyone in any fundamental nor any vital area of life. This summer routine, essentially, did not do much for me. It only satisfied my entertainment needs.

It did not teach me any sort of skill I could use in school, in the workplace, in my personal life, or in any area of my future life. However, what would have happened if I used this time more wisely? If I had paid more attention in school and had learned how to write effectively, I could have begun writing a novel and maybe published my work, and I would have completed an accomplishment by the time I graduated high school or soon after.

For example, Christopher Paolini began working on his popular series Eragon soon after his high school graduation. In contrast, soon after my graduation, I was beginning to learn I had a lot to learn, and I had nothing to show for my lacking in productivity. Consequently, I basically had no accomplishments because I chose not to work toward anything.

“Your time is limited. You cannot save time. You can only spend it differently.” ~Brian Tracy

Of course, there may be some variations. For instance, one person may travel to the beach or mountains and gain new life experiences while others may participate in a summer sport. Or, you may be reading this and saying you are one of those who enjoy spending your summer in an academic setting whether at a school, studying abroad, or simply traveling with a school group for a school project or cultural knowledge.

However, for those who have three to four months of free time and don’t know how to spend it, I have several productive options listed below so you can spend your time more productively and prosper:


Summer Classes

As I mentioned and encouraged in my previous post, you could take summer classes to catch up or to push ahead. If you want to read more about taking classes during the summer, click here.


No Credit Classes

You could take classes with no credit for the sole purpose of learning something new and expanding your skills and knowledge. Or, you could take a class pertaining to a career path you want to pursue such as accounting, real estate, or something else.



You can work as an intern somewhere to gain more experience in a field you are interested. This helps you build your network, your resume, and your skills. Some internships are paid but some are not.


Education Trips

You could take a trip through your school to another country. It may offer a chance for you to visit somewhere abroad to complete a project or for cultural purposes. Another option is to take a road trip, solo travel, or travel with friends and/or family.


Studying Abroad

You could move to another location for a semester and study abroad. This would give you a chance to have fun and to gain new experiences as well as knowledge.



You can volunteer somewhere local in your community to help others, to help animals, or to help the community as a whole in some way. You could also volunteer abroad to help the environment, animals, and so on.



You could make a goal to read a specific amount of books every month or every year. Or you could challenge yourself to read an entire section in the library. An alternative idea is to read a specific amount of books in each genre. For instance, you could set a goal to read two fiction books, three self-improvement books, and four success related books.



Since the weather is nice, you could try camping. It would be a great opportunity to learn more about the outdoors and how to live off of the land and just enjoy nature.


I hope this post clarified my previous post and gave greater insight to how you can best spend your time wisely. After all, as Brian Tracy stated,

“Your most valuable asset is your time. It is also your scarcest resource. You have a limited amount of time, and once it is gone, it is gone forever. Time is essential to accomplishment. Time is perishable. You cannot get more of it, no matter what you do.”


Learning is a breeze,

Daphne Heathers


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In a previous post, I mentioned ways in which you can increase your knowledge to gain an edge within your personal life, professional life, or both. If you missed this post, click here.

I wanted to expand on this idea a little further and mention another way you can increase your knowledge and chances within your personal or professional life.

There is no shortcut to success and personal growth so, if you want to succeed in your personal and professional life, you must put forth more effort and energy than others are willing to give to ensure a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Most people attend school during the fall and spring season, or semester, but this is the bare minimum. Instead of taking a summer off (or, to look at it differently, three to four months) go a little further and take classes/courses during the summer.

This may be an option for high school students as you might be able to finish high school early through summer school.

As for college students, those with in-state status should definitely consider attending college for the summer. Though, for out-of-state students, this may be more financially challenging depending on the student’s financial aid status. However, fast tracking school is beneficial in several ways.



Compact Your Productivity

If you decide to go to school during the summer and fast track your schooling, you will gain more knowledge in less amount of time.

For instance, you may obtain your high school diploma by sixteen years of age. At this point, you can begin college courses and be finished by twenty years of age. However, if you fast track your high school as well as college, you could be finished by eighteen or nineteen years of age! And, if you decide to go for a master’s degree, you could obtain a master’s degree by as young as twenty years of age or, at most, twenty four years of age!

This would give you a huge advantage and would be very impressive for a resume because it shows you are dedicated to learning and can be responsible and reliable.


Spend Time Wisely

Another bonus is, if you choose this route, you can go to school for something else before you turn thirty. Or, you can use this time to create a business, travel, or something else you’ve always wanted to do or try while others are still attending school in an attempt to acquire a master’s or even bachelor’s degree. In other words, they are trying to catch up with where you are in life because you have already obtained the degree and are farther ahead than the rest of the pack.


More Wisdom and Insight

By obtaining this education quickly, you can gain more wisdom and insight earlier in life. I will illustrate this concept in an example. Suppose you have a master’s degree by the time you are twenty two. At eighteen, you may be familiar with particular aspects of Einstein’s theory or you may be familiar with countless authors or historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Emily Dickinson, and so on. Essentially, you have learned the fundamentals of your chosen subject.

However, by the time you are twenty-four, you can use this knowledge as a base and can generate new ideas around these topics to learn more about these people and generate new thoughts and ideas you may want to contribute to academic textbooks or simply to your professor and other classmates.

Or, you could be learning something entirely different, something new that is completely out of your genre! For instance, if you have obtained a Master’s degree or Doctorate degree in History, then you may want to delve into a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Creative Writing or Painting whereas someone who did not fast track their schooling would still be obtaining a master’s degree or doctorate at twenty four years of age and would not finish until later in life.



To mention a few other options, one alternative route is taking college courses while still in high school. This can fast track your time in college also.

A second option is to take more than a full load during spring and fall semester; however, this option seems more stressful and time consuming because you are compacting additional courses in the same amount of time rather than spreading it out and keeping your load lessened. And, the stress will be more likely to hinder your memory and, ultimately, your motivation, confidence, and so on.

If I had a second chance, I would fast track my high school as well as college, and I would probably be a lot further in my personal as well as my professional life. I do want to point out that if you are thirty, forty, fifty, or even sixty years of age and obtaining an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, I commend you!

So, I wanted to share this idea so it is, at least, proposed as an option for others who may want to do this to fast track schooling to acquire a more prosperous and fulfilling life. I hope this inspires you to at least try this option to help your future self.

We all have to make decisions, so I encourage you to choose a path that gifts you with more wisdom and insight rather than heartache, misery, and financial woes.


I hope you found this helpful! If you have other ideas on how to fast track or want to share your story, please leave a comment down below!


With Much Support,

Daphne Heathers

Abstract Art: Changing Seasons | Spring


Abstract Art: Changing Seasons | Spring

As I mentioned in my previous spring post, which will be linked here, I said that spring was a season of reinvention, and reinvention is an opportunity for you to change your life for the better which, ultimately, will lead to you being a happier, healthier human being! So, to emphasize this, I wanted to share a strong message from a book I’ve been reading recently.

I’m probably the last person on earth to discover and read this book but, while I think most of it is helpful, there is one important piece I wanted to highlight in this post. In Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Brian Tracy, he says:

“The more you learn, the more you earn. The more knowledgeable you become about your field, the more courage and confidence you will have to implement your skills in your work. The more courage and confidence you develop, the higher will be your self-esteem and your sense of personal power. You will become virtually unstoppable in everything you do.”

So, to put this in simple terms:


Knowledge=Courage and Confidence

Courage and Confidence=Higher Self-Esteem


(Who says math can’t be fun?!)


I’m sure there are many people who make videos or write blog posts on “3 tips for more confidence” or “how to be more confident in 12 hours,” but the truth is that knowledge is the only tool you’ll need. You will learn all of these tips through experience which is much more helpful, in my opinion, because realizing something is not as strong as you coming to your own realization.

So, this spring, I encourage you to learn more to gain vast amounts of courage, confidence, and self-esteem. Below, I have listed several subjects in which you can submerge yourself to help you on your path in becoming a happier, healthier person.



Is math the only subject you feel is defeating you? Gain more confidence by studying more in math. I know you probably feel this subject is a waste of time but, once you master it, you will gain more confidence which can help you in the future. If you don’t master it, you might say “I suck at math” for the rest of your life, and you will believe it. So, crush these beliefs by studying harder. The teaching technique, the way you encode the information, your desire to learn, and the time you put in to learning the subject are essentials in mastering math.



How great would it be to be confident and courageous enough to stand in front of five people, ten people, a thousand people, or even one hundred thousand people? I think it would be pretty fantastic! First, practice specific ways of speaking. For instance, do you have a dialect or an aspect that is causing you to be self-conscious when speaking? Look up videos or find someone who is a Speech and Language Pathologist or someone who is majoring in this field to help you. Are you having trouble setting up a speech? Find someone in communication or a tutor that can help you.



Are you an introverted person? Do you have trouble understanding why you act differently in a group rather than by yourself? Or, are you unsure of why someone else is acting differently toward you when they are around others? Sociology can help you decipher why people act differently or why people act a certain way in groups.



If you want to open career opportunities, learn more about yourself, learn more about others, make a difference, or contribute to society or to a group and help others this spring season, I recommend checking out the psychology majors. There are several concentrations within this field, so you can pick one or two that most interest you.


Business Administration

Are you on a business venture or on an entrepreneur mission to becoming successful? I recommend delving into the field of business such as Business Administration, Business Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Communications, International Business, and so on. The name of the major will depend on what curriculum the college/university offers and how the college/university decides to nomenclature what they offer.



If you are in search of how to become healthier and stay motivated, I recommend perusing majors related to health. I combined two possible majors under one term. Health can be linked to a major within the nutrition or dietetics area which concentrates mostly in the food region, or aspect, of health. Another option is in the exercise/physiology aspect of health which includes more fitness or personal training studies.


If you are interested in relaxing this spring and want to try something fun, I recommend looking into various art classes. You could draw, paint, sculpt, etc. Click here for more information on branches of art.


Which major are you most interested? Do you have other ideas on how to increase courage, confidence, and self-esteem? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Spring Into Action,

Daphne Heathers

Spring into Self Discovery | 6 Activity Ideas

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Spring into Self Discovery | 6 Activity Ideas

I enjoy the variety of seasons we get to experience because there are unique aspects accompanying each one to make life more enjoyable—the temperature changes, the variety of colors, and the meaning each season brings.

I believe spring is a season of reinvention and discovery. Spring is the season occurring after a season of hibernation and rejuvenation. With many aspects associated with spring such as blooming trees, animals populating the earth, longer days, migration, and so on, I think this season signifies a chance for a new person to blossom. So, in honor of the season, I will list six activities you could participate in to find a new hobby, interest, or even passion and have fun!



Set Random Goals (& Achieve Them)

It doesn’t have to be New Year’s Day to set goals. Like I mentioned above, spring is the season of reinvention. So, pick some random goals you would like to accomplish. They don’t have to be huge goals that take years to achieve. You can set a goal to play in a sport team, to complete a arts and crafts project, to re-design or re-construct a room in your home (or your entire home), or you could set a goal to make a road trip or travel to a close or distant city or state you really want to visit and stay for one, two, or three days.

It’s up to your imagination and what you want to accomplish. Do you want to accomplish a goal? Do you want to accomplish a task or trip you’ve been wanting to do or complete for a long time? Both? There is no better time to start than right now.


Spa Day

You can put this idea into your random goals list or you can choose to do this self-care option sporadically throughout the season. Have at least one day to yourself that you focus on your health and overall self-care. Do you want to relax? Do you need a facial? Do you need a massage? Do you need to meditate? Do you feel your body needs more yoga? You could pay for one or more services at a spa or do this yourself at home while watching a documentary or something entertaining. It’s up to you!


Browse the Occupational Outlook Handbook

If you feel bored, lost about your direction in life, or you are wanting to try something new, browse the list of career options in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. You might stumble upon a new career path you would never have discovered any other way! If you don’t find anything, at least you’ve educated yourself on the various career options that are available. (Note: Not every single job is listed in this handbook).


Be Your Opposite Self

Do you despise school? Take an online course or read a book! Do you feel incompetent in any sport? Try out for a school baseball team, a community basketball team, a tennis match with a friend (who may feel the same way), or try soccer! Are you the least bit interested in playing chess? Play chess or another game board activity! Do you dread “job hopping?” Try a different job or three, you might find something you like more!

Basically, the point of this exercise is to jump out of your comfort zone and try something you think you would not try in a million years! You might find a new passion or hobby! Do you like caramel sauce on top of strawberries? You don’t know unless you try it!


Public Speaking

Try practicing your public speaking skills. It will enhance your communication in multiple ways, and you may meet people through this avenue to help you in your career. This could also be good practice for one’s upcoming communication course, presentation assignment, and so on. It could also be a productive outlet to share information you feel is important for others to be aware of as well and, who knows, this may lead to career path in public speaking! It will also help some people overcome this widespread fear.


Design a Group Function/Activity

If you are interested in socializing more this spring, find a group function, group activity, or group gathering in which you want to or can participate. In fact, you can design your own group function or activity. This could be simple like designing a birthday party or organizing a community sport, organizing a road trip, organizing a festival or fair, organizing a parade, designing a camping trip or picnic gathering, a cookout, and so on. Let your imagination fly!


I hope you found this helpful and inspiring! Do you have any other ideas for spring? Please share them below!


Stay Adventurous,

Daphne Heathers

Brands I Do Not Purchase | Animal Testing

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Brands I Do Not Purchase | Animal Testing

For this post, I wanted to discuss something completely different to break up the monotony of the academic related posts I’ve been sharing lately. I will definitely go back to academics, but I wanted to share this because I feel strongly about this topic.

I have come to realize when you learn on a consistent basis and broaden your learning to various areas you adopt certain ways of living based on specific knowledge accumulated. Based on knowledge I’ve garnered in regards to animals and, in particular, animal testing, one aspect I have altered in my life is how I purchase.

If I find a brand of perfume, makeup, handbags, and so on that are associated with a person or corporation that participates in something immoral such as animal testing, I will search until I find an alternative or I just won’t buy the item all together.

Below, I have listed several brands I do not purchase based on personal morals:


Bath & Body Works

Back in high school, I used to think Bath & Body Works was a one stop shop for my feminine needs. The main attraction of this store was the selection of unique scents in lotion and hand soap. However, once I was educated on several ingredients used in numerous feminine products as well as the animal testing this company allows, I decided to stop purchasing from Bath & Body Works entirely because I do not advocate nor condone animal testing as it harms them in several ways.


Christina Aguilera

When I researched deeper into brands and products that tested on animals, I was astonished to see Christina Aguilera’s perfume on the list! So, chemicals combined with animal testing is a huge turn off for me, which is why I have not and will not purchase her perfumes.


Clean & Clear

In high school, I tried a product by this company to help my skin. But, at the time, I had no idea vast amounts of chemicals were in these types of products, or any products for that matter. My experience was not good as it burned and stung my skin (due to the chemicals). Later, I found out about the chemicals in these kinds of products and, as with Christina Aguilera’s perfume, when I researched more on animal testing, I found this company on PEETA’s list. So, I do not buy this company’s products either.



When I was much younger, I tried a bar of Dove soap and had skin issues after using it. Again, this was due to chemicals. And, then I find out they test on animals! So, I marked this product off of my list too.


Jimmy Choo

The makeup and fragrances related to this brand are tested on animals. So, for this reason, I personally would not purchase any item from this company to include shoes because I would still be giving profit to a brand that apparently believes in animal testing.



I used to use some of the Listerine products but have not in a very long time due to the chemical ingredients they use. Plus, they test on animals, so I decided not to purchase this brand as well.



I have heard about this brand through countless Youtube videos and had wanted to purchase some from this company. However, after learning about chemicals and brands using animal testing, I decided not to purchase anything from MAC also because they are on the list of brands who test on animals.


Mary Kay

I am not familiar with this brand, but I do know they are on the list for brands who use animal testing. I also believe this company is a multi-level marketing company, which is a concept I do not wish to help grow by exchanging my money to company that produces products with chemical ingredients tested on animals. So, I will continue not buying this product.


Michael Kors

I have heard of this brand but have never purchased anything from this brand. However, I recently discovered this brand is on the list for animal testing, so I will not be purchasing any products from this brand as well.



I have not heard of this brand until I saw it on a list of brands that test on animals, which is surprising due to the name. But, I’m glad I saw it on the list, so I can keep it off of mine.



I am familiar with the nail polishes from this company and probably have used a few, but I recently found out they are on the list for animal testing. Since they are in the business of profiting off of harming animals, I will not be paying toward their cause.



Do you know those razors you see in the store attached to a song titled Venus? Apparently, this company is on the list for animal testing too. So, I will mark this company off of my list as well.


I hope you found this helpful and insightful! Remember, you vote with your dollar. So, buy products from companies and brands with morals and compassion and not solely counting pennies and dollars. Click here so you can view the entire list. Click here to view PEETA’s pdf. If I find other links, I will add them as well. Have you ever purchased any of these products? If so, will you stop? Please leave a comment down below!


Your Dollar Counts,

Daphne Heathers

Self-Discovery: My Personal Passion Discovery Story

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Self-Discovery: My Personal Passion Discovery Story

The previous post about having multiple passions prompted me to share my personal story on how I found my passion(s) in life because I thought it might help you gain some insight, garner innovative ideas, or do both to help you in your journey toward discovering your passion(s) as well. If you want to read the previous post, Self-Discovery: Multiple Passions, click here. In this post, I will attempt to illustrate my K-12 years as well as after high school to show how a passion, or passions, can materialize.

To begin, almost everything fascinates you when you are a child, so you want to be almost anything (and everything) such as a lawyer, a doctor, a secretary, a veterinarian, an astronaut, a cosmetologist, a cashier, and even a mermaid or superhero! However, as you grow older, your interests begin to narrow more and more.

This might sound a little cliché; but, if I could redo my childhood, one aspect I would change is the how frequently I watched television. Nevertheless, I did consume quite a significant amount, and two channels I was very fond of watching after school (at this time in my life) were HGTV and the Food Network channel, especially at the age of eight and nine. As a result, the first “passion” I acquired was interior designing. I was constantly re-designing rooms in my head and wanted to create homemade decorations and organization ideas.

The second “passion” I acquired almost simultaneously was cooking. However, I did not want to be just any chef in any restaurant; I wanted to have my very own cooking show just like those I continuously watched on the Food Network channel.

Surprisingly, these goals stuck for about three or four years. However, one or two years into still wanting to achieve these goals of cooking and interior designing I added another one. At the age of ten, I wanted to become an actress. My main attraction for becoming an actress was the fame and money, but I also assumed I would be able to keep the clothes that was made for my part, or character. So, of course, I wanted to acquire roles where I could obtain modern fashionable dresses, shirts, shoes, and so on. So, beginning at ten years of age, my career goals were to become an interior designer, a chef with my own cooking show on the Food Network, and an actress. I’m not sure how I planned on balancing these three goals, but they were my goals, nonetheless!

By the ages twelve to thirteen, I decided against acting, and my enthusiasm for interior designing and cooking had waned. As I was approaching thirteen, I had a song rolling in my head for a while and a light bulb went off. I began growing enthusiasm for writing songs, lyrics more specifically. I had written the lyrics for my first “song” at the age of eleven, but my passion gained momentum at thirteen, and I wrote approximately forty songs, or more, from ages thirteen to fourteen. At this point in my life, I had attended a few different schools, and this left me feeling scared, rejected, and other negative emotions. So, writing these lyrics became an outlet for me to express myself. I continued writing lyrics throughout high school and still do to this day when I have time.

During my teen years, as I was writing these lyrics, I casually assumed I would jump into a pile of riches or, at least, I did not feel pressured by striving to obtain a job as I felt I would be comfortable after high school. I think I created a world in my head where I would rise in fortune from my lyrics, which could have been possible, but I did not have the tools nor knowledge to do anything with this passion of mine.

As graduation kept moving closer and closer into my life and my lyrics were not even close to being published on a record, I was feeling a little scared and pressured to choose something else. For some reason, I always gravitated toward something that I was, at least, somewhat interested. I never believed in settling for something that I truly did not enjoy.

During high school, at the age of fourteen, I found these “beauty gurus” who made videos on tutorials and hauls on clothes, makeup, hair products, and so on. No one taught me how to apply makeup or anything about fashion, so I saw these people as my teachers, essentially. Consequently, the constant mental consumption of these videos prompted me to go in the direction of fashion and beauty. So, throughout high school, I gravitated toward creative, artsy, and fashion related electives.

My ultimate goal was to become a designer; but, by age seventeen, I was not even close to doing this. So, until I could reach this goal, I decided to try to get a job in a clothing store to attempt climbing the career latter and eventually become a buyer for a company. After I would obtain enough income, I would start my own clothing store then create and sell designs I created myself. At seventeen and eighteen, this was my ultimate (career) plan.

After graduation, I knew I had plan, but I also knew this plan would take a while to complete. But, after many unforeseen and unexpected events, my life completely changed—for the better. Originally, this was my career plan because I did not plan on going to school and felt it was my passion. However, well after high school and after some debate, I searched and, ultimately, applied to a college, with hesitation.

Like most people, I wanted a job instead because I wanted an income and not accumulating debt. However, I discovered shortly after that this was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was in love with absorbing all this (new) knowledge and, after a few classes, I discovered the field of Humanities. After this discovery, I had planned on becoming a Humanities because I loved it so much and still do. However, a few courses later, I found Cultural Anthropology. After reading the course description, I signed up for the class and immediately fell in love with all of its content. Cultural Anthropology seemed to cover some ancient as well as modern cultures as well, so I, ultimately, decided to teach Cultural Anthropology courses. Right after Cultural Anthropology, I looked into the course description of Sociology and also found it intriguing and decided to double major in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology.

As I mentioned previously, college was the best thing I could have done for me and my future because it opened up opportunities and doors I probably would not have discovered otherwise. I would have lived a life attempting to own a clothing store and, if this had not come to fruition, it would have been a devastating turning point in my life. But, because I was introduced to academia, it opened other options I would not have discovered otherwise, and I would not be interested in the majors I have chosen nor would I have thought to become a college professor. In fact, in my world, none of this would exist by the mere fact I was completely unaware of all of this.

Essentially, in the beginning, I felt the options were endless and had three career goals—interior designer, a cook with my own cooking show, and an actress. However, after switching schools a few times during my teen years, I grew a strong desire to write my thoughts down through lyrics. But, as I found myself coming to a “dead end,” I felt pressured to choose something more “realistic” and chose to climb the career latter through a clothing company to become a buyer then, ultimately, own my own business and start my own clothing line. However, I began to feel this was also out of reach and maybe not even attainable. However, well after high school, my life changed drastically (for the better), and I began attending college and through taking numerous courses found two fields that peaked my interest to include Cultural Anthropology and Sociology, which would not have happened if I had not taken the academia route. I would also not be considering becoming a professor if I had not taken this route. As I said before, going to college was the best move I ever made. Why? To list a reason other than I garner and absorb a vast amount of knowledge, I found a passion and a purpose to my passion through academia and through my academia experiences.


I hope you found this helpful and insightful! I would love to read your story on how you found your passion in the comments below! And, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask those too!


Keep Persisting,

Daphne Heathers