Monthly Favorites | November 2019

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Monthly Favorites November 2019

I contemplated writing a monthly favorites post but never felt I had enough favorites to share. I also felt these types of posts were too common; however, I personally enjoy reading monthly favorites and watching monthly favorites videos on Youtube. So, hopefully you enjoy the same content. If you do favor reading monthly favorites post, please give this post a thumbs up or let me know in the comments below! This favorites post is a little early, but I hope you enjoy anyway!


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I switch my music playlist often, but I’ve recently been listening to Raising Hell by Kesha and Connection by OneRepublic.



Greta is one movie I want to highlight this month because it is unique due to its storyline. An older female finds herself obsessing over a younger female. I won’t say why because I am not sharing spoilers here, but it is a movie with some thriller undertones, hidden mysteries, and a few puzzling moments.

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Mary Queen of Scots is the second movie I want to highlight this month. I thought it was educational, entertaining, and incorporated some thought provoking concepts within the dialogue and storyline. It’s also a way to bring us closer to those who lived in history and their stories. (Although, some of this movie is fiction derived).

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U.S. History Textbook. I was thoroughly involved with reading this material just for fun. I learned a great deal, and it helped me to put some ideas together.

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A Dream within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe. It prompted me to question and consider the layers of each individual’s reality.

Visit the Poetry Foundation to see this poem and others written by Edgar Allan Poe among other poets.


Since I have to wake up early for work, working close to full time, filling out school applications and gathering all needed information, maintaining my blog with at least two posts per month, and so on, I have been focusing on achieving adequate sleep. If I have to take a nap, I will. If I deprive myself of sleep too much, I could become sick, decrease productivity, and so on. So, sleep has been one of my priorities.

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This is all of my favorites for the month of November! I hope you found this interesting. If you did, please leave this post a thumbs up! What are your favorites for this month? Please leave a comment down below!

Happy November,

Daphne Heathers

Compassion & Empathy Playlist

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Compassion & Empathy Playlist

I thought it would be fun to offer a playlist suggestion for the holidays (and year round) with a compassion and empathy theme. I will elaborate on what makes them compassionate and empathetic, in my opinion, and include some lyrics within each song to illustrate what I’m conveying. My favorites for this are listed down below:



Put Your Hearts Up by Arianna Grande

To me, this song says that you can still show kindness and compassion and make the world better place regardless of your position in life.

We can do anything if we try
Can’t resurrect ghandi
Resurrect but
If we put our heads together
We can do anything like
You don’t have to be a billionare
You don’t have to have
Much too show how much care
Like give a wink
Give a kiss
Like give a little happiness

If we give a little love

Maybe we can change the world


Can’t Buy Me Love by The Beatles

This song conveys that kindness is more important than money. Time is well spent, and money is just spent.


Lean On Me by Bill Withers

The first verse and chorus show reciprocation with kindness and empathy. We will all have obstacles, so it is how we help each other overcome them.

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there’s always tomorrow
Lean on me, when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long
‘Til I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on


Where is the Love by the Black Eyed Peas

Sociology factors are conveyed in this song such as who identifies with which group. However, the groups tend to dislike at least one other group, and the cycle continues.

Yo what’s going on with the world, momma
(Where’s the love)
Yo people living like they ain’t got no mommas
(Where’s the love)
I think they all distracted by the drama and
Attracted to the trauma, mamma
(Where’s the love)
I think they don’t understand the concept or
The meaning of karma
(Where’s the love)
Overseas, yeah they trying to stop terrorism
(Where’s the love)
Over here on the streets the police shoot
The people put the bullets in ’em
(Where’s the love)
But if you only got love for your own race
(Where’s the love)
Then you’re gonna leave space for others to discriminate
(Where’s the love)
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate
Madness is what you demonstrate
And that’s exactly how hate works and operates
Man, we gotta set it straight
Take control of your mind and just meditate
And let your soul just gravitate
To the love, so the whole world celebrate it


Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bob Marley

In the song, Bob Marley attempts to rid your worries but also help you as a friend when he says: “Here I give you my phone number, when you worry, call me, I make you happy.” He also mentions how the concept of worry escapes children and to mimic their perception on worrying when he says:

Now there, is this song I wrote
I hope you learned note for note
Like good little children, don’t worry, be happy
Now listen to what I said, in your life expect some trouble
When you worry you make it double
But don’t worry, be happy, be happy now


Count On Me by Bruno Mars

It’s understandable that everyone has obstacles to overcome, but many focus on their own obstacles. In this song, a helping hand is offered:

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I’ll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see,
I’ll be the light to guide you
Find out what we’re made of
When we are called to help our friends in need
You can count on me like one two three
I’ll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like four three two
You’ll be there
‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah


Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

The message of this song attempts to instill self-confidence. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a friendly reminder or a nice, sincere compliment to boost your self-esteem:

You are beautiful
No matter what they say
Words can’t bring you down
Oh no
You are beautiful
In every single way
Yes words can’t bring you down
Oh no
So don’t you bring me down today


Make the World Move by Christina Aguilera (featuring Cee Lo)

One person can’t change the world:

If one smile could erase a frown
Imagine what two could do (turn it up)
And if one voice could change a heart
Imagine what two could do (turn it up hey)


Together by Jason Derulo (featuring Demi Lovato)

Similar message to the previous song:

Do you remember at all
People walking hand-in-hand
Can we feel that love again
Can you imagine at all
If we all could get along
Then we all could sing this song together


Firework by Katy Perry

One verse in particular emphasizes the feeling of purpose and motivates you to find yours:

You don’t have to feel like a waste of space
You’re original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow


Rainbow by Kesha

I feel like this song reminds you that you are strong enough to move on even during hard times:

Darling, our scars make us who we are, are
So when the winds are howling strong
And you think you can’t go on, hold tight, sweetheart
You’ll find a rainbow, rainbow, baby
Trust me, I know life is scary
But just put those colors on, girl
Come and play along with me tonight
You gotta learn to let go, put the past behind you
Trust me, I know, the ghosts will try to find you
But just put those colors on, girl
Come and paint the world with me tonight


Spaceship by Kesha

A reminder to be kind:

I knew from the start
I don’t belong in these parts
There’s too much hate
There’s too much hurt for this heart
Lord knows this planet feels like a hopeless place (oh, hopeless place)
Thank God I’m going back home to outer space (oh, outer space)


Bastards by Kesha

A friendly reminder to keep on going when you feel alone and suppressed:

Don’t let the bastards get you down, oh no
Don’t let the assholes wear you out
Don’t let the mean girls take the crown
Don’t let the scumbags screw you ’round
Don’t let the bastards take you down


What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

A pleasant reminder to live in the moment and appreciate all aspects of the world including “friendly shakes…”

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They’re really saying I love you
I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world


My Heart Beats for Love by Miley Cyrus

I think this song is known to have several meanings, but, for me, it also means our hearts beat for love and not hate or any other negative perception or emotion:

I’ve been stranded on a lonely street
Got lost in the shadows
Fell hard in the battle
Heard cries and the suffering
I walked through the darkness
Left broken and heartless
I’m calling out, can you hear my voice?
I’m gonna find you through all the noise
Ooh whoa
You know there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Shine your light as I reach for you


Send it On by Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and More

Basically, every word of this song is valid! As I mentioned previously, it takes more than one person to spread kindness and focus more on how to demonstrate it rather than focusing on our own situations. And, sincerity is key:

A word’s just a word
‘Til you mean what you say
And love isn’t love
‘Til you give it away
We’ve all got a gift
Yeah, something to give
To make a change
Send it on, on and on
Just one hand can heal another
Be a part, reach your heart
Just one spark starts a fire
With one little action
The chain reaction will never stop
Make it strong
Shine a light, and send it on


Connection by OneRepublic

Friends, “Real friends, good friends, hard to find, let’s face it,” but let’s find out someone’s story without judgment…

Maybe I should try to find the old me
Take me to the places and the people that know me
Tryin’ to disconnect, thinking maybe you could show me
If there’s so many people here, then why am I so lonely?


Counting Stars by OneRepublic

This song proposes the notion of philosophical questions and concepts on helping or not helping each other:

I, feel something so right
Doing the wrong thing
I, feel something so wrong
But doing the right thing
I could lie, could lie, could lie
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive


Kill em with Kindness by Selena Gomez

I think the song says it all, especially the first verse and chorus:

The world can be a nasty place
You know it, I know it, yeah
We don’t have to fall from grace
Put down the weapons you fight with
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em, kill ’em, kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead now


Rise by Selena Gomez

It’s hard to help others when you are feeling down yourself, so… Rise:

So even when your bones feel like weights
And it’s hard to lift the smile on your perfect face
You can still find a peaceful place
Close your eyes until you’re floating up in outer space
It’ll be alright, they’re just jealous of your highs
So they can knock you down, but
Like the air you can
Rise from the rubble with your mind, you can hover
You can rise like the tide, like the heat it in the summer
Yes, I know there are those who will wanna bring you down
But you can rise with your mind and make your higher power proud
You can rise, like the air you can rise
Like the air you can rise


Love is the Name by Sofia Carson

In my opinion, the title is key:

So we’ll never regret that
Life’s gonna be what we be
So we’ll turn the music up tonight
Let the beat set you free
Give everything you got and
Dance all your worries away
Forget yesterday, this life is a game
And love is the name


I hope you found this uplifting and inspirational! What is your favorite compassionate song? If you have a favorite compassionate song not listed, please list it in the comments below!


Spread the Love,

Daphne Heathers



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Since it is the season where many warm hues show their colors, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some Biology knowledge regarding the change of colors during the Fall/Autumn season (in an easy to understand way because I know Biology can get quite complicated and complex sometimes).

To begin, if you want to refresh your memory on some terms or need a reference guide for basic terms and a biological overview, go to the 6 Fun Biology Facts | Study Guide post. To learn more about the biological reasoning behind the changing colors, please continue reading…


Plant Food

During the spring and summer seasons, trees are normally green in color. Why? To put simply, molecules known as pigments illustrate color. Chlorophyll is a green pigment, and it is the plants food when paired with the sun.

However, during the Fall/Autumn season, plants slowly stop making chlorophyll to save energy due to changes in daylight and temperature.



Chlorophyll is just one pigment found in plants, and it is mainly seen throughout spring and summer. However, there are a few other pigments in plants that are usually only seen in the Fall/Autumn season. One pigment is called the carotenoids. Carotenoids are yellow and orange in color. Anthocyanins is another pigment, and it usually illuminates red, pink, or purple colors.


Fall/Autumn to Winter Transition

A specific layer of cells develop at the internode which slowly severs the leaf from the branch. The tree then seals the cut when the leaf is completely severed. This, ultimately, leaves a scar.


Pigments in Food

I thought it would be fun to add some additional information linking pigments and food.

Carotenoids can be found in:

  • Carrots
  • Yams
  • Bell peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Oranges
  • And More

Anthocyanins can be found in:

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • And More



Why Leaves Change Color

Why do Leaves Change Color in the Fall Season?

Carotenoids: Everything You Need to Know

The Colorful Truth about Anthocyanins

6 Fun Biology Facts | Study Guide



What is your favorite color, or pigment? Do you know more about the biological aspects behind Fall/Autumn? Please comment down below!


Have A Colorful Season,

Daphne Heathers


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Compassion & Empathy | Is Gossip Good Or Bad?

Since I am from the southeast region of the United States, I have heard and overheard many conversations about people over the years. And, though, it is quite prevalent in the southeast region, most people in other areas participate in gossip as well. But, rather than bashing this activity, I thought I would give it a fair, unbiased assessment. Does gossip truly hurt others or can it actually help?


The Origin of Gossip

To begin, it might be helpful (or, at least, interesting) to know the etymology of the word and the concept of gossip. It first stems from the word godsibb, a term for godparents. This term mostly referred to females who enjoyed idle communication.

However, many years later, it became a verb first appearing in Shakespeare literature. During these times, giving birth was a social activity in which gossip was used. Eventually, the concept of gossip became known as conversation about others.

In addition, another perspective of the root of gossip stems from the term gospel, a word shortened from “good spiel” meaning good story.

I recommend checking out this reading material if you are interested in learning more.


Why Do People Gossip?

There are many reasons why people gossip. One reason could be due to lack of courage. If one person is bullying another person, the person being bullied would gossip about the bully rather than confronting the bully. This fear of confrontation could be due to various factors including size, ability to handle confrontation, or environment such as a superior bullying an employee. So, to solve unresolved bullying issues, the person being bullied lets out their frustration through gossip.

Second, in various cultures, people may fear other people whom they do not know. Once they have gathered some information about those people such as birthplace, occupation, and so on, they may feel more comfortable around them depending on their lifestyle, life choices, and so on. This partially overlaps a third reason—connection.

Third, people want to be a part of a group and feel connected with those around them. Therefore, through gossip, bonds grow. And, according to some scholars, gossip is viewed as an opportunity to learn cultural lessons such as culturally, or socially, accepted norms which can help you live more peacefully in the culture.

Fourth, people may choose to gossip for survival purposes. This might sound strange, but some people will gossip about the level of performance one may exert (or not exert). Consequently, this means some people are seen as stronger while others are seen as the weaker part of the group. Mark Leary illustrates this and other concepts best when he says:

“In light of that, they need to have as much information as possible about the people around them in order to know what various other people are like, who can and can’t be trusted, who breaks group rules, who is friends with who, what other people’s personalities and viewpoints are, and so on.” –Mark Leary, Psychology and Neuroscience Professor PhD, Duke University

Lastly, gossip can be and sometimes is used negatively such as spreading rumors or creating/ spreading bad reputations. This is the kind of gossip that is largely abhorred.

If you want to read more material on reasons why people gossip, click here, here, here, and here.


Final Thoughts

So, apparently, gossip isn’t all bad. It does have its purpose if used for helpful reasons. However, if it is used to simply talk about others in a bad light, then this can prove to be detrimental.

A positive use for “gossip” can be used to learn more about how others became successful or learning what others learned. Biographies and Autobiographies are useful resources for obtaining this information. To obtain this information in other forms, additional resources include speakers at events or in online videos, podcast interviews, blogs, and so on. Basically, it all depends on how gossip is used.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I gossip?

If so, does my gossip hurt someone else’s reputation?

Does my gossip consist of my opinion or facts about the person?

Does it behoove this person for me to share my opinion or even facts about this person? Or, would it better serve this person if I told them your opinion or the truth rather than telling other people?

If someone was talking about me to someone else or to several other people, what would I want them to be saying about me?

What does my gossip content contain and how does it help me?

How is my gossip helping the other person or is it?


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How to Handle Gossip

I thought I would include a helpful article to help you combat gossipers or to show those who gossip that they should gossip using more positivity in their conversation about others or to talk about more enlightening subjects rather than simply bashing others. I think the article linked below is helpful in dealing with gossip in a very compassionate and empathetic way. So, check out this link.

Spread the word!


How would you handle gossip? What would you say to someone who is using gossip to spread negative assumptions about someone? Please comment down below!

Change the World,

Daphne Heathers

Advice to My High School Self | 8 Learned Lessons

Advice to My High School Self

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Advice to My High School Self | 8 Learned Lessons

The idea of this post originated from Lily (at Retrospective Lily), and I decided to recreate the concept of her post and share tips that I have learned in hopes of reaching someone or many people who may benefit from some lessons I have learned based on decisions I made in high school. If you want to read her post, Letter to Myself in High School (On Disability, Popularity, Dating, Etc.), click here.

My learned lessons are down below:


Learned Lessons:

#1- It is not Them; It’s YOU.

I know this sounds pretty brutal, but you walk around with thinking you are the victim.

If no one acknowledges your existence, it is not them, it is YOU. If no one wants to befriend you, it is not them, it is YOU. You can point out any flaw that you think exists within those people; yet, you cannot critique myself. And, it is YOU who has to change and gain a different perspective to be a happier person and live a more fulfilled life.

Admittedly, you will judge yourself in some ways, mainly in some very unhealthy and unrealistic ways. You will judge your appearance, try to look a certain way, and skip meals, but this will not be the answer to acceptance. This will just make you more unhappy and miserable.

And, sometimes you will attempt to gain acceptance with someone in a group or several people in a group to feel accepted or to impress someone in particular. For example, at the age of seventeen, you will dye your hair blonde (twice within the same week) to impress and be accepted, but it won’t work.

So, after high school, with the help of a mentor, you will eventually learn that is not them; it is YOU. If you learn and grow to become a better person, everything else will fall into place.

Lesson Learned: Focusing on self-improvement and education would have been more beneficial than critiquing other’s behaviors.


#2-School is For Success

Right now, you are influenced by your home environment and many of your peers. Your home environment and many of your peers will convince you that school is a waste of time, but most of them do not have the same vision you do. Most of your peers are more focused on jobs and marriage, but you want to travel, experience new aspects of life, meet new people, see different cultural perspectives, and live life to the fullest.

But, to do all of this, you will need to educate yourself. School is not for losers. School is for those who want to help themselves and become better. You will come to find that school is your best friend.

Lesson Learned: School should only be seen as a tool to enhance one’s life and not used as a factor for determining popularity or used for judgment.


#3-Continously Read (More Non-fiction)

At the age of seventeen, you will finally start reading books and stick to this habit. However, if you will read non-fiction books rather than fiction novels, this will help you see things and come to new realizations.

As a result, your state of mind will change, and you will develop new concepts to help you realize more than your environment, which will give more of a panoramic or bird’s eye view and will help your understanding in many aspects. You will also expand your vocabulary and become better able to formulate your thoughts and express them via verbal communication.

Lesson Learned: Read books for knowledge and improvement and not solely for entertainment. Reading only for entertainment purposes will hinder your potential.


#4-Express Yourself

Your environment will label you as having a timid and shy personality, but this is not your true personality. You have been feared into this behavior mostly by those in authority who choose to use their position to be demonstrate tyrant and give orders rather than demonstrate true leadership and guide you on a more productive path in life.

Your future self writing this is still on a personal discovery journey, so it will take you a while to discover your personality, but you will have fun trying on new hats and determining your values, determining your life mottos or philosophy, determining morals and deciphering other life questions.

Lesson Learned: Explore other cultures and their cultural perspectives. This grants you with a variety in numerous aspects of life to help you on your path of discovery.


#5-Go to Bed

You have a plethora of time, so spend it wisely. I know you want to stay up late as most of your environment tends to do this, but your future self will thank you if you go to bed by 10pm, no later than 11pm so you can solve some of your discouragement about remembering school deadlines and improving the quality of your education and educational experiences. Once you start working, companies won’t care whether you obtain important sleep or not. So, acquire adequate sleep now while you have a chance. Again, your future self will thank you. And, your grades will probably improve too.

Lesson Learned: Your brain is the ultimate tool that gets you through every day and your entire life. It is an essential part of your day and, ultimately, your life.


#6-Surround Yourself with Uplifting & Positive People

You don’t know this now, but your environment is not how the whole world thinks and believes. You know a few people who are kind and warm-hearted, but you are mostly surrounded by serious people who are more individualistic and care mostly about their day and the outcomes in their lives.

They also believe in working jobs rather than attempting to exercise an entrepreneurial spirit. And, the group in which you associate will hold you back and keep you unaware based on their beliefs and judgments. Your surroundings are very important, so try to branch out and reach or see other people and continue paying more attention to people from other cultures as they will show you what your environment will not, which will help you in the future.

This knowledge will build your self-confidence and your mind will generate new thoughts and ideas.

Lesson Learned: The bubble in which you live may not be the most productive, and it only shows you how a small group thinks and lives in a vast ocean of billions of people. Do not see life through only group’s lens. Visit a variety of groups to gain more perspectives and obtain more knowledge. Find a group that encourages your success rather than failure.


#7-Exercise & Eat Healthy

You feel sluggish partly because you deprive yourself of sleep but also because you eat unhealthy foods. And, it takes you one or two hours to go to sleep because you do not exercise. I know you have attempted to stick with an exercise routine but, in the end, you give up on it. I highly advise you to stick with exercising because you feel and sleep much better.

Lesson Learned: Exercise and consuming healthy foods is beneficial for your body and mind. It’s not just about counting calories and keeping up with pounds for superficial reasons.

#8-Electronics vs. Nature

I know you feel you have nothing to do and electronics keep you occupied, but you will be happier and healthier if you spend more time in nature. Meet new people and find some friends who love to camp outside and someone who will encourage more outdoor activity because your future self wished you knew how enjoyable a good hike or walk outside can be, especially in the beautiful, warm sunshine. Again, this outdoor lifestyle has major positive health benefits! So, turn off your electronics and go for a walk in the sunshine and get some fresh air.

Lesson Learned: Nature is your best friend. It will make you happier in multiple ways. Electronics will only waste your time. Use electronics wisely and soak up nature for more health benefits.


This advice might seem a little forthright, but this is what my past self needed to hear in order to change thought patterns and lifestyle. I hope this helped you in some way as well! I know sometimes it can be helpful to find a speaker, mentor, or guru that introduces new concepts and perspectives which, ultimately, will change your path by showing different angles or perspectives. This is essential in reaching your full potential.

What advice would you give to your high school self? Please leave a comment below or write your own post and link it below in the comments! I would love to read yours.


More Lessons to Go,

Daphne Heathers

Abstract Art | Changing Seasons | Fall/Autumn


Abstract Art | Changing Seasons | Fall/Autumn

It is now the season of Fall/Autumn, which means the leaves are changing, the trends are changing, and another phase in life is approaching. Since Fall/Autumn begins on September 23 (according to Google), I thought it would appropriate to write another Abstract Art|Changing Seasons post.

It seems like the pace of changing seasons reminds us to enjoy the moment more—to feel and enjoy the weather, to truly absorb the emotions we feel during each moment, and to appreciate the positive aspects of each season to include weather and the seasons of your life.

Interestingly, this season has two nomenclature variations—Fall and Autumn. So, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some fun facts about the two names:

Fall and Autumn are both nouns. Both names are old terms and Fall has been used interchangeably with Autumn for centuries. Fall is more common in American English rather than British English. And, in Canada, I have seen mixed perspectives. Some sources say Fall is used more often in Canada while others say Autumn is more common in Canada. How does your culture nomenclature this season? Please leave me a comment below. I would love to know!

Also, due to Autumn’s significant purpose, Old English speakers used the term Harvest to nomenclature this season. If you want to read more about this season’s terms click here, here, and here.

I kept this short because the basic principles of this season are short and sweet:

Shedding Old Ways and/or Beliefs

Sometimes the growth and abundance from spring and summer can shed which is based on decisions. For instance, you may have a job during the spring and summer months but decide to quit due to various personal reasons, career reasons, or other reasons. In this scenario, the growth and abundance of summer was shed based on your decision.

Alternatively, the job you have during spring and summer months may have increased your hours during one or both of these seasons for various reasons, yet the fall season tends to be slower or management arbitrarily decides to cut your hours based on business reasons, personal reasons, or both. In this scenario, the growth and abundance of summer was shed based on someone else’s decision.

Other times this shedding can be in the form of learning experiences. For instance, in the first scenario, you may re-think your decision based on one or more factors. However, your perceived wrong decision gives you a learning opportunity. And, in the second scenario, you may learn the “do’s and don’ts” of dealing with management, co-workers, or both. Your growth continues with each season.


Releasing Toxic People

This season can also represent the releasing of friends you made that don’t see life as you do. Your friend(s) may see life in a negative way or maybe in a non-prosperous way. For instance, you may not believe in limitations or a lifetime of hard work, but your friend believes he or she is not able or maybe does not desire to live a nomadic or entrepreneurial lifestyle. Instead, he or she may choose a 9 to 5 life.

Or, you may find more differences between you and your friend(s) that may be a game changer. For instance, you may see the power of education and advocate its usefulness. However, your friend may advocate that school is a waste of time and does not feel that he or she needs it due to making enough income at his or her job. Yet, this is not the message you want to send to people, so you may decide to remove yourself from this person’s environment because you don’t want people thinking you do not advocate education as well as this would be a false assumption.

Remember, surround yourself with those who teach you and uplift you so you can reach your full and true potential. Surround yourself with people who make you feel worthy and valued in many aspects of your life to include your happiness and contribution to society.

You may also want to strip stressful situations; however, if you release the toxic people in your life, the stressful situations should drop also due to cause and effect. However, life has been known to throw a curve ball or two!


New Realizations

This season in your life may appear stressful but, in the end, these challenges of growth will help you come to new realizations. Hopefully, it reminds you to continue learning and growing and to overcome negative and overwhelming situations. Turn your negatives into positives through your own perspective! Each leaf that falls may be a lesson learned or a new and exciting change!


I hope you gained new and/or greater insights from this post! What is shedding in your life this season? What do you enjoy most about this season? If you are enjoying this type of content, please like this post. Click here and here to view the other Abstract Art | Changing Seasons posts.


Happy Metamorphosis,

Daphne Heathers


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As the saying goes, “we are social creatures,” but I think more people should enjoy and value their alone time more than they probably do. In fact, I recommend appreciating even the shortest moment of silence such as a 10 to 20 minute break at work or simply absorbing the silence within environments such as a library or your home whether it be in a house, apartment, or condo.

I think many people in various societies encourage extrovert behavior; however, those who have introvert tendencies or are fully introvert in their personality knows and practices something quite fulfilling that extrovert personalities as well as those groups and cultures that encourage and endorse extrovert personalities may not consider.

So, to share a different perspective on “alone time,” this silence or, “me time” as I call it, is helpful in the following ways:


Increased IQ

Extrovert personalities are usually talking and dominating conversations. Surprisingly, conducting conversations takes a lot of energy. In fact, listening also takes a significant amount of energy, especially for those introvert personalities that are used to absorbing information on their own time and sometimes in a one sided manner. And, by one sided, I mean absorbing information from a book or obtaining information from a video or documentary which takes less energy and effort than absorbing information from a person, especially in a crowded setting.

There is a different dynamic when absorbing information from a person because you are sensing their high energy and their demeanor as well as other components such as how you respond to include your body language, gestures, facial expressions, and so on. This person may easily be offended or may conclude you are not interested in what he or she has to say based on your response and body language when, in reality, you are thrilled about the topic, but you may feel tired or may not know how to respond or accurately convey your enthusiasm for one reason or another.

So, silence offers a chance to gain some reading time, documentary time, or other ways you may want to fill in the empty time by stimulating the mind. To learn more on how you can learn fast, click here.



Another bonus to obtaining alone time is meditation. This allows you to sit by yourself with your thoughts in silence. You might also want to add something calm and tranquil to your background noise such as classical music on a low volume or ASMR videos, or you can follow along with a guided meditation.

Either way, allowing yourself the gift of leaving you and your thoughts in one space and in one moment of time is super helpful in boosting your mood toward a positive state.



Keeping with the same theme as meditation, silence also allows you to process the events and thoughts of the day much like sleep will do. However, don’t let yourself overthink what you have said or done. Self-processing is a time to collect your thoughts and let ideas build and generate based on your experiences and thoughts. In my opinion, this is part of a daily assimilation process where you assimilate all of the events, the words, the people, the experiences, and everything else that you encountered throughout the day.



After you collect your thoughts and decipher through the day’s events, you can take this time to read, watch a documentary or movie, research something that interests you, paint, draw, learn to play an instrument, or whatever sparks your interest in the moment. You can let your thoughts and ideas flow.

You also don’t feel the need to dress a certain way, act a certain way, think a certain way, and so on. There are no restraining thoughts or feelings. You allow yourself to let go and be you. Basically, there is no sociological factor that is prohibiting you from responding or acting the way you normally would behind closed doors. If you want to know yourself more, sit in silence. This also creates more happiness.


Increased Happiness

All of the previously listed reasons can tie into this reason as those previously listed probably gift you with a certain level of happiness. In the previous example, I mentioned that sociological factors prevent us from responding a certain way, acting a certain way, and thinking a certain way.

In a group setting, we respond how we feel we should respond but, in private, we respond how we would naturally respond. This, in turn, creates happiness as we are not confined or pressured to conform and be someone we’re not.

Also, silence strips away all of the rush, stress, anxiety and over stimulation we receive from jobs, commuting, school, errands, and other activities throughout our day. Silence gifts us with a moment of serenity which is helpful for our mind, body, and soul. Silence acts as a recharging station. It is a calm, peaceful place you go when you need to recharge and/or reboot to keep thoughts flowing every day without gaining more stress and anxiety.



I think silence is also a way to feel more appreciation for the times you have to yourself and are able to finish what you started, to have a moment to collect yourself and your thoughts, and to reflect.

I hope this post helps you increase your happiness and overall well-being. How do you like spending your alone time? Do you prefer reading, meditating, or something else? Do you have other ideas on how to spend your silence? Please leave a comment down below!


Remember to Breath,

Daphne Heathers