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Monthly Favorites | August 2020

August has come to an end. I hope you August was full of enlightenment! For me, this month was filled with epiphanies, new thoughts, fueled my book craving while still working toward accomplishments!

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Online School VS Physical Attendance (Pros and Cons)

Biology | How Does A Virus Work?

Online Course Review | Shaw Academy



Learning-this month was filled with a lot of learning through reading books, taking a few modules of an online course, and watching some Youtube videos to gather some information on lifestyle and potential ventures I’m contemplating. I find submerging myself in gaining knowledge quite fulfilling!

Organization-finding ways to organize my items and space and organizing my life such as a morning routine, a workout routine, and so on has been a focus of mine this month. Taking time to get organized is definitely helpful in future productivity as I’m sure you know!

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of a content.”

Running-nature and exercise. What more could anyone ask for? I picked up running again after a short hiatus due to weather, and I’m loving it!

Yoga-I think I’ve listed this as a favorite for the third month in a row! But, it’s really helpful and fun! I’m actually about to finish a 30 day yoga challenge.



Peace by Bessie Rayner Parkes was a beautifully written poem. I do wish the last poem was done a bit differently because I feel the belief may tend to stray the attention from nature, which is what this poem is about. And, I feel it’s not as universal with the last stanza. But, nonetheless, it’s definitely one to read!



The Darwin Affair (by Tim Mason)-I managed to read 6 books this month! Of those six, I enjoyed most of them, but I wanted to highlight this book in particular for a couple of reasons. The main reason is because this book peaked my interest due its historical references. It’s mostly fiction, but it has some non-fiction elements.


Favorite Posts

I was able to catch up on some reading this month and found some good posts I wanted to share with you:


I really enjoyed this post because it resonates with my message and main purpose for this blog.


A great perspective on the application of what you learn! And, a great post on a form cognitive dissonance.


This article is so intriguing! It discusses those who chose a modest life over wealth and riches.


Taking Pictures-I’ve really been trying to capture several moments. I don’t want to capture too many because I don’t have enough storage space, ha! But, I am enjoying many moments these days and want to save them (for a rainy day!).


Here’s to September,

Daphne Heathers



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