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Monthly Favorites | April 2020

Another month has come and gone, which means new experiences, newfound items, and new discoveries will be shared in this April Favorites post! I have found some interesting and fun favorites this month I have been anxiously awaiting to share. Hopefully, these favorites will help you in your life as well!



Outdoors-Due to present circumstances, my outdoor visits have been limited and careful. But, when I am outside, I’m so happy. The wind feels good on my skin, the flowers bring me to the present moment and remind me of the season and where I am in life. All lovely components of the outdoors always put a smile on my face. If you want to see several nature photos, I post several nature pics on my Instagram account. I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to nature as well, so you can find more photos of nature there too!



Braids-I have been wearing braids more often these days to keep hair out of my face.

Workout Clothes-I’ve been wearing mainly workout clothes when going outside or to the grocery store since they are comfortable and have a snug fit. They are also easy to wash and dry (since I have been washing and drying clothes almost every day nowadays).



I Measure Every Grief I Meet-Written by Emily Dickinson, this is a beautifully written poem and is definitely thought provoking.

Acquainted with the Night-This is a beautifully written, thought provoking poem written by Robert Frost.

The Road Not Taken-This is another poem written by Robert Frost. I think I mentioned this poem in a previous favorites, but I wanted to mention it again because it is definitely one of my favorites and probably always will. It discusses whether a path is taken or not, and it relates to self-discovery as well.

Nature the Gentlest Mother-This is another beautiful and elegant poem I found this month written by Emily Dickinson. It is filled with such sweet words and kind, subtle messages.



The Picture of Dorian Gray-I have a few more chapters left, but I have been loving it! There were several new concepts and ideas proposed in this book that were very insightful and interesting and granted me new perspectives. It’s definite recommendation if you haven’t read it already.


Favorite Posts

Below are some posts by other bloggers I enjoyed this month:

Why Do We Procrastinate?

I really thought this post was insightful, and it delved into why we procrastinate. For me, this seemed like an interesting and unique angle. I feel like there might be a ton of posts on procrastination but very few on why we procrastinate.

Isolating in Nature

Basically, I love nature…and a good nature story! I also love pictures of nature. (I post several on my Instagram!) And, I’m especially loving nature right now since I am unable to fully enjoy it (unless I drive into the wilderness).

Building Resilience

I had BIG plans this year. I was just getting started in a new place with new ideas when the virus became a troublesome burden. I was ready to start the hustle when businesses and the economy started shutting down. So, understandably, I was in a funk. However, I read this post, and this message reminded me to still keep going. I may have had big plans, but this is a great time to declutter my tech items, read books that have been on my list for a while, finish a textbook I started in January (for fun), and more.

This virus might have stalled some progress, but it gave me opportunity to work on other, more tedious (yet enjoyable) tasks I never seem to fit into my hectic schedule.



Search Engine-I discovered a new search engine! If you are looking to try new search engines or alternate between search engines, I recommend using Ecosia. It’s a search engine company that uses the ad revenue from searches to plant trees! I believe it takes approximately 45 searches to plant a tree!


So, what are your favorites for the month? Please share them in the comments below!


Sharing New Discoveries,

Daphne Heathers


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